Inflight Beauty Buys That WON'T Be Confiscated At Security

Struggling With The 100ml Restriction? Here's The Answer...

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Struggling With The 100ml Restriction? Here's The Answer...

I’ve long suspected that security guards at airports secretly love confiscating products. Last month I’m quite sure I saw a glimmer of glee in the eyes of the lucky – let’s face it, she probably kept it – woman who casually tossed my ReVive Intensite Lip Balm into the contraband bin on the basis that it wouldn’t quite squeeze into the quite frankly TINY allotted plastic bag.

Ditto the guard who took great joy in showing me the small print at the bottom of my Lavett and Chin Coconut Moisturizing Facial Mist on the way back from Portugal this week: 118ml it read – a mere 18 over the limit. As she cast the bottle of dreamy coconutty goodness and me asunder, I made a promise to myself: no more will I risk losing products to the eager hands of the airport staff. No. I choose minis of superior quality* instead. Like these:

-Neom Scent to Make You Feel Good on the Go Collection, £8 each (launching on the 18th of July)

These 100% natural essential oil blends would be ideal for a nervous traveller – just spritz some of the De-Stress On The Go Mist around you when you take off and add a little Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment rollerball on pulse points when you want to drift off.

-Ila Little Face Treats, £60

Cleanse and moisturise with these as soon as you board and then just top up the moisture at intervals - the damascene otto and argan oil inside the five products in this pack (face oil, cleansing milk, toner, day cream and face mask) will leave your skin glowing and radiant.

-Weleda Heroes Kit, £14.95

Tend to forget about your skin from the neck down? A flight provides the perfect opportunity for a little pampering – just slide up sleeves and trouser legs and do a little slathering of the Birch Cellulite Oil (which, bonus, will aid circulation to help reduce puffiness) and follow with the Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion. This kit also handily contains Skin Food, Wild Rose Smoothing Day Cream and Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion, so you can turn the plane into a spa should you wish...

The Organic Phamacy Discovery / Travel Kit, £45

If you’re not yet acquainted with the Organic Phamacy’s excellent products, use your next flight as an opportunity to try out these puppies – the antioxidant face gel is a firm favourite over here.

*Most of these are organic, or at least natural, mainly because I’m of the belief that looking after the skin while travelling requires products designed to gently cosset in order to undo the deleterious effects of flying. The airplane cabin is not the place for targeting concerns or using products designed to wildly overhaul the appearance of pores/wrinkles/pigmentation – think moisture, moisture, moisture, instead. 

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