The Hottest Hair Trend We Can’t Wait To Try

Say goodbye to your balayage; there’s a new hair colour in town.

(Image credit: Instagram/ramireztransalon)

Say goodbye to your balayage; there’s a new hair colour in town.

We all know hair colour isn’t for life; it’s for six to eight weeks. We know that, but we like to pretend it will last much longer when we rationalise forking out our entire earnings for perfectly (faux) sun-kissed tresses.

Well, hairdresser, Johnny Ramirez has put an end to all that. The LA-based colourist has developed a technique that means you won’t need to get your roots done for another six months (yes, you read that right).

Ramirez, working out of his celeb-hot-spot salon, Ramirez-Tran, has developed what he calls ‘lived-in colour’. Imagine a subtler version of last year’s obsession with balayage and ombre – a sort-of natural grown-out look, usually in light browns and natural blonde tones.

Ramirez’s work has gained him a loyal A-list following, including Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio, and an Instagram following of over 43 thousand.

The technique is no easy feat. If you’re keen for this style, you’ll have to commit to an entire day at the salon (the process takes approximately 6 hours to complete). In order to perfect his look, Ramirez first highlights the entire head, then bleaches the hair, deposits more colour, adds a layer of gloss and finally creates a “fake root”, as The Cut describe, which avoids a strong line when the hair eventually grows out.

The colourist often takes his clients outside into the natural light, to ensure the colour is perfect.

As with all artists, Ramirez is quite the perfectionist. He wants to ensure all his assistants are practiced in the ‘lived-in colour’ technique, insisting that they complete the ‘Banana Test’ – spending time studying the inside of a banana peel, in order to familiarise themselves with the perfect colour.

‘All blondes need to be lifted to this colour’, says Ramirez. “I make them sleep with a banana – watch it and wake up to it.’

Well, he definitely sounds a bit ‘bananas’ to (we couldn’t resist), but not having to visit the salon for another 6 months? We can’t wait until the technique comes to the UK. Book us in!

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