Is this the end of the man bun?

Harry Styles might just have signalled the end of the man bun

Harry styles
Harry styles
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Harry Styles might just have signalled the end of the man bun

News flash: Harry Styles no longer looks like this.

The One Direction band member revealed a big hair transformation over the weekend (without revealing anything at all, really).

So far, all we know is that he lopped off his famous locks for charity and from what we can see, it was quite a length.

Yes, we knew this was coming (late last year, Harry revealed to his fans that he was growing his hair long enough to donate it to charity and had even implied he had several more inches to go) but that didn’t stop us from saying OMFG over and over again when we saw the evidence.

Behold: Hot guys with man buns

The star teased Instagram followers about his new 'do by posting a snap of himself holding out a plaited brunette ponytail with the caption: "Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust".

And before you lose it, asking god why, WHY?!!!! Bear in mind that his decision to go short was all for a good cause.

In fact, the ponytail in question was donated to charity, Little Princess Trust, which provides wigs for young cancer sufferers in the UK. And according to the charity’s site, Harry's post caused their Facebook and Twitter followers to go up exponentially, with people around the world pledging donations after seeing the 22-year-old's generous gesture.

‘What a day! The news of Harry Styles having his hair cut to give to the Little Princess Trust went viral!’ the site declared.

Someone is trying to make clip-in man buns a thing

Although he’s yet to post a photo of his new ‘do, fans have already started to speculate what his new hair will look like, with many of them photo shopping his face onto other well-known mops of hair.

Question is, does this spell the demise of the man bun now that the veritable man bun hair icon has had the snip? Watch this space…

Natalie Lukaitis