Missing regular nail appointments? Get 33% off a complete gel nail polish kit today

Grab a bargain, quick

Woman painting her nails: Amazon Prime Gel Mani deals
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Grab a bargain, quick

2020 hasn't been the easiest year, in part due to the Coronavirus pandemic which continues to wreak havoc.

As per new guidelines, if your area is in the 'high risk' catgeory, certain restrictions will be imposed. This includes no households mixing and pubs and bars shutting down. While not confirmed yet, if rates continue to go up, it could well mean your local beauty parlour is shut once more. Being realistic, this could happen at any time, dependent on infection rates.

Rather than skip having your nails done for 2020 altogether, thanks to Amazon Prime Day 2020, we've got a better suggestion. Enter stage right the Mylee Pro Gel Nail Polish kit, which at current has 30% off. Mylee are top of the market when it comes to at-home gel mani kits, and now, you can get your hands on your own for £69.99. It normally retails for £99.99, so you'll be saving a whole £30.00.

There are a whole heap of beauty offers floating about right now, from 37% off this Philips Lumea hair removal gun, to £70 off a load of professional hairdryers, to 40% off L'oreal mascaras. Don't say we aren't good to you.

Keen? Scroll for what the kit includes plus how long you've got left until the deal runs out. Go, go, go.

Mylee gel mani Prime day deal

Deal In Full:

Mylee Professional Gel Mani Nail Kit, was £99.99, now £69.99

Fancy doing your nails at home, properly? This complete all in one gel nail kit from Mylee includes with:

  • a Mylee PRO setting lamp
  • a Mylee prep and wipe varnish remover
  • a MyGEL base coat
  • Four of the most popular MyGEL gel polish colours
  • a MyGEL top coat
  • a Mylee gel remover
  • 100 link free wipes
  • a bottle of Mylee Cuticle Oil
  • a Mylee metal cuticle pusher
  • a Nail Buffer

Basically, it's your ticket to the perfect manicure. Whether you're conscious you may not be able to go soon because of COVID or just want to save your pennies, this gel light could save you hundreds of pounds over the course of the year.

Facts about the products: dry your nails in 15 seconds flat with the pro lamp and enjoy 14 days of salon-quality gel polish, no chips or smudges guaranteed. Not sure how to get the gel off? The kit comes complete with everything you need - all you need is the Mylee acetone gel remover to get your nails clean. Plus, the lamp has a two-year warranty, so there's no need to worry about it breaking. Offer expires on the afternoon of Wednesday 14th. View deal

If that's not an investment, we don't know what is.

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