PSA: a nationwide fake tan shortage could be on its way, so it's time to stock up

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For those who feel their most confident when sporting a golden glow year-round, the latest news to come out of the beauty industry may cause a slight sense of alarm. Because the disruption to the global supply chain that has been affecting all sorts of items in the UK is now coming for our self tan, with nationwide shortages predicted in the coming months. Yes, you read that right: a fake tan shortage may be arriving.

Confused? Well, some in the industry have revealed that they are struggling to get hold of the ingredient ethoxydiglycol, which is essential to the production of fake tan, as it prevents streaking and aids in smooth application. The ingredient is also used in other products, including hair dyes and skincare products. Medicine Direct reported on the shortage in their research.

Lack of availability and skyrocketing prices have led to some manufacturers being unable to get their hands on the key ingredient, causing major disruption and a predicted fake tan shortage. The director of fake tan manufacturer Sunjunkie told The Guardian the situation has become a "total nightmare," while also expressing fears that other ingredients are crucial to the tanning process like DHA (dihydroxyacetone) and erythrulose may also become scarce.

However, on the flip side, other fake tan brands and retailers don't seem to be so concerned. In a statement, Isle Of Paradise explained there are "no shortages here," and that there is "plenty to go around" from where it's standing. Boots and Superdrug also don't sound that alarmed, and according to Metro, Blake Hughes, CEO of Skinny Tan, has said: "No need to panic – Skinny Tan has plenty of fake tan to keep the country going well into 2022."

Realistically, there's little need to stockpile on fake tan just yet, but if you were thinking of nabbing a top-up for the festive season, there's no harm in acting now to avoid any disappointment with your preferred brand or formula, right? Our fake tan guide has you covered, with options for different skin tones, and in a range of textures like mousses, creams, gels, and waters. This should see you through the expected fake tan shortage with ease!

Many of your favourite tanning brands are also stepping up for Black Friday, such as Isle Of Paradise, who is offering up to 70% off all products site-wide between the 24th and 30th November. Tanologist will also be doing a massive 50% off everything sale, and utan will be offering 33% off its entire range with code UTAN33.

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Isle of Paradise Glow Baby Glow Kit - worth £53, now £24 | Lookfantastic
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