Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney shares her simple 6-step beauty routine

You may have seen a snippet when she played Cassie in Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney
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You may have seen a snippet when she played Cassie in Euphoria

Euphoria has been top of the headlines in recent months, with fans falling head over heels for the characters, as well as the IRL actors.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have been impressed by Cassie Howard - played by Sydney Sweeney - extensive 4am beauty routine on the HBO drama, and it turns out the regime is based on Sydney's actual skincare routine.

The 24-year-old actor shared her simplistic skincare regime, and the products she swears by to hydrate her combination skin, which she has admitted is prone to acne breakouts.

In a video with Allure, Sydney walked viewers through each step in her regimen, and it turns out ice rollers, 111 Skin eye masks and Laneige beauty products, are her absolute essentials.

She said: "Usually in the morning I take a shower and wash my face using the Laneige Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser. I like to make sure that I use something gentle since I’m just waking up and this is perfect for my skin type. Either do it in the shower or on my dry face. I have combination skin and I’m prone to cystic acne. So if my skin is not clean I will break out. You always want to be super gentle with your skin, and someone taught me, when I was in high school, to pat dry your face instead of scrub dry."

She continued: "Every morning, no matter what I always use eye masks because I need to wake up. I bring these 111 Skin Rose Gold Illuminating mask everywhere, I’m always showing up on set with eye masks on.

"While I have these on I ice roll. If you see me ever driving like this it’s because it’s an early call time. So I bring this everywhere I go. It’s just an ice roller off Amazon and I live by it, as it just wakes me up and I feel like it makes my skin feel good and takes away any puffiness. I just literally roll. I could do this for a really long time. I make sure I get both sides of my face and my jaw line. I just leave in my freezer, I have multiple in my freezer, just in case I leave one on set, and I put one on set in my trailer in my refrigerator.

"You might have seen Cassie doe this on her crazy 4am beauty routine, and it’s because those products actually are my products that I brought from home and I went crazy with them. This is the actual ice roller I used on the show."

If the ice roller hasn't quite worked to wake Sydney up, she will dunk her face into a bowl of ice, which is a beauty trend Bella Hadid has also trialled.

She continued: "If I’m feeling really really tired, I dump my face into a bowl of ice and try and hold it there for a couple of seconds, and then I wake up."

Sydney was not always a huge fan of skincare, or a rigid beauty buff, but she has since changed her ways.

"Skincare has definitely got more important to me, as I’ve learned the importance of skincare. Growing up I definitely wasn’t kind to my skin, or knew the importance of it, and as time has gone on I’ve learned so much more", she added.

When the prep has been complete Sydney turns to three skincare products to complete her routine, which takes her a maximum of six minutes.

She shared: "Then I start my skincare routine. I use SkinCeuticals the H.A. Intensifier serum, and I use in the morning. I always make sure that I don’t touch the dropper because of bacteria. I feel like the serum just makes sure I don’t dry out because I do have combination skin, so it really helps my skin drink up a lot of moisture. Hydration is key for my skin. I travel a lot so I have to make sure I am giving my face and my skin proper food and hydration.

"Then I go onto my favourite moisturiser, it’s the Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Cream moisturiser. I’m not joking when I say it makes my skin feel fluffy and soft and alive. I was currently filming in a very dry state and this was my saviour, and I actually got a lot of people hooked on this cream because of how dry it was and this saved us all. I really lather it everywhere on my skin, and don’t forget your neck, that’s what my mama taught me. When I was little my eyelids used to get dry, I don’t know why. So ever since I put moisturizer on my eyelids."

Once Sydney has hydrated her skin, she turns to sunscreen, which is an essential for everyone to wear.

She revealed: "I used to hate sunscreen, I just could not stand the feel of it and I would break out everywhere, until I found a sunscreen that works for my skin and doesn’t break me put. I use the EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF46 doesn’t break me out and it works. This saved me when I was in Italy one summer because I was remembering to put sunscreen on my face and not my body, and my entire body burnt."

Sydney has become increasingly more conscious of the impact of sun damage on her skin, including her hands, so much so she regularly wears a hand sunscreen.

Speaking about the unusual beauty trend, she said: "This is new to me. I’ve been using it for a year now but I get my nails done a bit , and they are exposed to UV lights because of gel manicures, and I live in California so there’s lots of sun. So I use Supergoop’s hand sunscreen and I put this on my hands, because your hands are also skincare. I never thought about sunscreen for my hands, but someone had it and I was like ‘What is that?’ And she told me it was hand sunscreen. Then she explained the benefits and our hands show a lot of our age growing as sun damage, chemicals and everything we touch. So I’ve bought a couple of them and I’ve been putting sunscreen on my hands ever since."

Sydney's six-step routine totals around £175.97, for those looking to take a leaf out of Sydney's beauty book and splurge on their skincare routine.

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