Caudalie’s Premier Cru serum review

It's a yes from us

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It's a yes from us

Caudalie’s Premier Cru Serum: The Low Down

Premier Cru Serum is first and foremost an anti-ageing powerhouse. It combines all of the brands most formidable ingredients including resveratrol, grape polyphenols and game changing new ingredient Vinergy.

Resveratrol is the hero behind the majority of the Caudalie line and was patented by the brand back in 2016. It’s sourced from the grape plant, more specifically the vines where it’s purpose is to help defend against harsh weather conditions. It’s these same protective properties as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that are of value to our skin to help battle against environmental aggressors like UV, stress and pollution.

That’s not the only part of the grape plant Caudalie harnesses either. Polyphenols, another powerful antioxidant, help prevent free radical damage that can lead to loss of volume and fine lines. It’s breakthrough complex Vinergy that’s the real star of this serum though. The result of a partnership with leading research University Harvard Vinergy is a patented technology that, as the name suggests, is all about energising the skins cells. By invigorating the cells this helps to jump start production of collagen and elastin and combatting signs of ageing.

Premier cru

What does it do?

The benefits of this serum are two-fold; it delivers a potent hit of hydration thanks to the hyaluronic acid that holds up to 1000 it's weight in water and it also defends against three common signs of ageing including fine lines, thinning skin and a lack of firmness.

Who should use it?

Considering the quality and condition of your skin is more important than your biological age when deciding if you should use this serum. That being said, it is a powerful anti-ageing product so is probably best suited to those over 30.

How do you use it?

Slather liberally onto face, neck and décolleté this ultra-hydrating serum is suitable for use morning and evening. It can be used alone or beneath your favourite face cream to increase it's efficacy.

Is it worth the spend?

In short, yes. I trialled the serum for two weeks and my complexion looked noticeably brighter and more glowy. I even downgraded my usual makeup routine from foundation to a BB cream, which I usually only do after a weeks holiday.

Shop now: Premier Cru Serum for £90

When is it available and how much does it cost?

It is £90 and is available now.

Charlotte Clark