Amber Rose uses *this* cheap beauty product to get rid of stretch marks

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  • And her face cream is seriously affordable, too

    Have you ever wondered how Amber Rose gets her amazing skin? Well, we finally have the answers. Ahead of the launch of her new beauty line, Flirt Cosmetics, she’s opened up to E! News about her favourite beauty products. As well as being a skincare master, she’s something of a modern feminist icon, too – Amber Rose’s feminist moments are seriously kick ass.

    One thing that’ll come as a big surprise to many is the face cream that Amber swears by, which she’s been using since she was a baby. Amber revealed that it’s none other than Nivea, which you can pop down to your local supermarket and grab for less than a tenner. Winning!

    ‘My grandfather swears by it. He’s, like, 80 and looks like a baby. I put it on at night. I wash my face, do a toner and then put on Nivea super thick, fall asleep and wake up. All that extra sh** is just that: Extra.’

    But the secret to Amber’s stretch mark free body – and perhaps an even more surprising revelation – is all down to her hero beauty product (and the assistance of a dressing gown). Amber Rose is all about African Shea Butter.

    ‘It comes in a pint. You just open the lid a little bit, put it in the microwave and it turns into a thick oil. Get out of shower and lather yourself in it. I literally don’t have one stretch mark, not one—and it’s because I lather myself in Shea butter every day.’ And as long as you’re consistent, you’ll get results.

    She also has a pretty handy tip for avoiding getting your sheets greasy when you apply it before bed. ‘I tell people that they need to have a shea butter robe. So go to Ross or Marshalls, get yourself a towel robe, a long one. Put that on after you lather up, walk around the house, do what you got to do and let it absorb into the towel.’

    Genius, no?

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