BBC DJ Suspended After He Called Breastfeeding ‘Unnatural’

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  • Alex Dyke claimed men do not like to see mothers feeding their babies in public, saying it's 'not a good look'

    BBC Radio Solent DJ Alex Dyke has been suspended after labelling breastfeeding in public “unnatural”.

    The presenter went on a rant during his show on Wednesday claiming that men don’t like to see women breastfeeding in public as it makes them uncomfortable.
    “It is 2015. Ladies, mums; we don’t like breastfeeding in public, honestly we don’t,” Dyke said. 

    “Breastfeeding is unnatural. I know its natural but it’s kind of unnatural. It’s the kind of thing which should be done in a quiet and private nursery.”
    The problem, according to Dyke, is the “special breed” of women “librarian types, the kind with moustaches” who dare to not only breastfeed in public but seem to put the needs of their hungry child above the comfort of random strangers who may or may not have an issue. 
    He went on to complain about having to witness a mother feeding her child on the bus, which clearly traumatised the DJ but left his listeners outraged.
    A male caller said his views were “a travesty”, while a female listener told him to “shut up, you stupid man”. 
    When a male listener attempted to defend women’s right to feed their child in public, Dyke accused him of being a “wimp” who was “scared” of his wife.
    And yes, to reiterate, these comments were made on Wednesday and not in 1955.
    The DJ’s insensitive and quite frankly misogynistic comments quickly went viral, sparking a huge backlash on social media and causing over 10,000 people to sign a petition calling for Dyke to be taken off the air and 
    On Thursday Dyke apologised for “any offence caused” by his “unacceptable” comments but the BBC have since announced that he has been suspended pending an investigation.
    Dyke has found himself on the wrong side of the fence on the controversial issue of breastfeeding. Countless celebrity mums including Gisele, Miranda Kerr and Alyssa Milano have shared snaps of themselves nursing their little ones to choruses of support from fans and breastfeeding experts alike. 
    What do you think about his comments? 

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