A spelling mistake on an ASOS tote bag is actually make it sell out fast

Yes, really.

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Yes, really.

Typos are generally considered to be the worst - and whether they are accidentally insulting your boss, sending the wrong message to an ex or responsible for WhatsApping your parents an aubergine emoji, they are best avoided.

It seems however that tote bags are exempt from this, with an ASOS 'shopper bag' actually going viral after its spelling mistake was pointed out.

The tote, retailing at £6, features the uplifting slogan: 'Be Kind To Yourself. SLEEP BREATH REFLECT REPEAT.'

It was quickly pointed out by a lot of Twitter followers however that the word 'breath' should actually read 'breathe'.

'Bought lots of your stuff over the years. Am I missing something re. this bag? Surely "breath" should be "breathe", right?', posted one confused shopper. Another wrote: 'Is this meant to say breath or was it supposed to say breathe?'

One surprised user was outraged, posting: 'Imagine paying £6 on a canvas shopping bag that isn't even correct.'

It seems however that the general consensus is quite the opposite, with shoppers now itching to get their hands on the limited edition piece.

Holding their hands up in the air, the ASOS team released a hilarious statement, posting: 'Thank you for pointing that out. Looks like one of our designers has had a Homer Simpson moment there. I will get this looked into.'

Naturally, due to all the hype, the bag is now 'selling fast'.

Be right back - off to buy one before they sell out.

Jenny Proudfoot
Features Editor

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