Apple founder Steve Jobs may only have weeks to live

A recent report suggests Apple founder Steve Jobs may have only weeks left to live

Steve Jobs - Marie Claire UK
Steve Jobs - Marie Claire UK
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A recent report suggests Apple founder Steve Jobs may have only weeks left to live

New pictures of computer genius Steve Jobs looking painfully thin, frail and weak have fueled concerns that the man who brought us the iPod is suffering from the late stages of pancreatic cancer.

Jobs announced in late January that he was suffering from ill health and wished to concentrate on getting better, but these new pictures suggest he may be sicker than previously thought.

The pictures, not yet available online, show Mr Jobs and his wife Laurene Powell going for breakfast before heading to the Stanford Cancer Centre in California.

Mr Jobs, appears frail and weak, his hair thinning from the chemotherapy. A report in the National Enquirer says Job’s weight has dropped from a pre-cancer 175lb to 130lb.

A source who recently saw Mr Jobs added: 'He is very frail, moving like a weak, feeble old man. He weaves back and forth when he walks, as if he is having trouble keeping his balance, and the pain of every step is evident on his face.'

Only about 4% of patients with any form of pancreatic cancer live longer than five years, the Enquirer says.

Mr Jobs, who is currently on his third medical leave, has battled a rare form of pancreatic cancer for seven years and had a liver transplant in 2009.

Dr Gabe Mirkin, a physician with 40 years experience, said: 'He is terminal. What you are seeing is extreme muscle wasting from calorie deprivation, most likely caused by cancer. He has no muscle left in his buttocks, which is the last place to go.

'He definitely appears to be in the terminal stages of his life from these photos. I would be surprised if he weighed more than 130lb.'