13 annoying things you have to deal with. Every. Damn. Day.

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  • Life, oh life...

    As Des’ree once sang, ‘life, oh life, oh life, do do doo’… Sigh. If only we shared her whimsy, laissez-faire attitude to life.
    casual top-knot at the last minute and it not working out. Great idea. GREAT.

    3. None of your 1092 pairs of ankle socks match. This incident will render you at least 5-10 minutes late for work.

    4. Buses. (Kissing couples,
    feel like you have a UTI

    10. Saying something really funny in the office but no one hears, then someone repeats it louder a minute later. LOL.

    11. Psychic slow walkers. Don’t try to pass them, they have a sixth sense and will stay in front of you whatever it takes.

    12. Despite considered calculation, misjudging the supermarket queue and ending up in the longest line. What’s the hold up? Oh, probably the person in front of you trying to pay for a full shop with coupons they haven’t even cut out yet.

    13. You didn’t bring your bank card, did you?

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