This is the one thing most couples forget to do on their wedding day

And it's so simple

wedding day

And it's so simple

Not that I've ever had one, but weddings don't half sound like a right faff, and the 'To Do' list that comes with getting married seems endless.

Have you found the right wedding venue? Have you picked and ordered wedding decorations to personalise said venue? Have you set the date and sent out your wedding invitations? Have you chosen the perfect wedding reading? And most importantly, have you searched through the endless stream of wedding dresses and found The One for you? And that's before you've even got to the wedding day itself...

Of course, it goes without saying that the whole declaring your love for that one special person you want to spend the rest of your life with in front of all your friends and family does sound pretty sweet and is probably worth the stress of all the above, but yeah, wedding = worry.

It turns out that one of things couples worry about most on their big day is whether or not they're spending enough time with their wedding guests, and making sure they've spoken to every single guest in attendance.

As a result of this most couples are forgetting to do one crucial thing on their wedding day.

Spend time together.

In a conversation with, celebrity wedding planner David Tutera has revealed that a growing number of couples are forgetting to celebrate their marriage together because of other worries surrounding the day.

'What's been happening is couples separate to their friends and don't hang out with their significant other on their celebration.' He revealed.

'That's not good. That's something I am trying to force people to understand is incredibly important.' He added.

So remember guys, don't neglect your spouse on your special day.

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