8 wedding decoration ideas to fall in love with

The best finishing touches for your big day...

Get some ideas on the finishing touches for your big day...

So you’ve picked a date and booked your venue. Now all that you need is to turn that Pinterest board into a reality and choose the wedding decorations that will transform your space into the venue of your dreams.

The problem is where do you start? Decorating a venue can seem pretty overwhelming when you’re presented with a big blank space. But it really only takes a few touches to turn it into something special. Here are a few of our favourite wedding decoration ideas to give you a helping hand.

1. Add a little twinkle

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If you’re not having a country wedding or don’t like that cute, twee vibe, fairylights can be a great alternative to bunting. More cost-effective than flowers, they’re great for adding a twinkling touch when the sun goes down.

2. Don't be scared of succulents

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Not the most obvious choice for wedding flowers, but bear with us. Sweet little succulents make both chic centrepieces and pretty hanging decorations. Plus you don’t have to worry about them wilting before the guests arrive, either.

3. Pimp your jars

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Been collecting glass jars for months? Excellent idea. Now give them your own personal touch by gluing lace ribbon or a hessian trim around them depending on your scheme. Alternatively, wrap a bit of twine around them to give a simple, rustic edge.

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Sound waaaaay too fiddly? Spray painting jars is an easy way to tie them into your overall colour scheme. Extra points for plastering them in glitter.

4. Give glasses a pop of colour

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Worried that your tables might end up looking a little too white? Try tailoring your tableware to add a pop of colour. Choosing wine glasses in one of your bouquets accent colours is an easy way to make a statement and tie your scheme together.

5. Blow up some balloons

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Balloons divide people – some think they are the naffest decoration on Earth, others love the sense of fun they bring. If you’re on the fence, try incorporating them into your floral displays. They’ll save you money on expensive flowers without compromising on any of the wow-factor.

6. Let it all hang out

What with all the glasses, menus, napkins, tableware and name places, things can get a little crowded on your tables – even more so when you factor in your centrepieces.

Keep your tables fuss free by suspending your flowers overhead instead. Perfect for bringing the outdoors inside, hanging flowers also encompass large empty ceiling spaces to make bigger venues feel that bit more intimate.

7. Make room for moss

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People spend so much money on flowers and trinkets to use as centrepieces when there’s probably a free alternative on their doorstep. Moss makes an amazing decoration for tables at weddings, especially if you’re going for that magical, woodland vibe.

All you need to do is head out into the woods, find a shady spot and pick as much moss as you can find. Once you’ve got it home again, simply lay it out to dry out and voilà: your own free table decoration.

8. Factor in some fun

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We get that marriage is a serious commitment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little fun to your wedding. Adding a few quirky decorations, like these gold pineapples are a great way to reflect your personality and stop the celebrations from feeling too formal.