This is why you should book early morning flights

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  • You snooze you lose

    If you’re frantically searching for the perfect getaway to, well, get away from this less than satisfactory British ‘summer’, you’ll probably be tracking flights to find the best deals and dreaming about unpacking in one of the most Instagrammable Airbnbs.

    And when it comes to hopping onboard, you’re likely clued up on etiquette – you’ll know why wearing shoes on a plane is non-negotiable, to never drink plane water, and the fact that Prince Harry has been spotted on commercial flights more than once means there’s always a chance you’ll be flying next to royalty. Fancy.

    But what about the flight time? It’s tempting to plan a snoozy morning and book an evening flight so that you do any last minute bits before you head off.

    However, flight attendant and vlogger Stella Connolly, who hosts Fly With Stella, told NBC News: ‘Early morning flights are the best. They’re almost always on time.

    ‘As the day goes by, if one flight is late it’s a snowball effect and there’s a higher chance flights will be delayed. I recommend flying early.’

    Makes sense.

    Another reason to peel yourself out of bed at 3am for that early morning flight is that the planes will be cleaner because staff have more time to give it a thorough going over without passengers disembarking and boarding the aircraft in quick succession.

    As painful as it is, it sounds like it’s worth setting your alarm and getting to the airport for the early hours.

    Plus, you’ll get to your destination with enough time to grab breakfast, head to the beach and snooze in the sun.


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