Prince Harry was spotted on a commercial flight home and the pictures are brilliant

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Prince Harry is no stranger to tearing up the royal rule book, and he has once again proved that he's just like us (well, kind of) by taking a commercial British Airways flight back home to London after a trip to Rome.

Instead of flying privately, the Duke of Sussex opted to board a regular plane - although reportedly with security, naturally - and was very polite when people started to recognise that they were travelling alongside a member of the royal family.

One fellow passenger managed to get a sneaky snap of Harry, and it looks very much like he's trying to avoid any sort of fan frenzy.

A photo posted by on

The royal fan shared the images online, and stated that she realised she was on board with the new dad when queuing for the toilet.

She said: 'As I'm standing there, I look over and see a guy who looks like Prince Harry. And he has a wedding ring on and looks very tired.

'The guy next to him looks like security and is glaring at me. Finally my brain clicks and I realise, it is Prince Harry on the way back to London from Rome. He was at a polo tournament.

'He politely smiled and said hi when he realised I knew who he was.'

She went on to say that Harry also thanked the cabin crew as he got off the plane.

It's not the first time that he's been spotted on a commercial flight. Before he married Meghan Markle, the couple was spotted on a flight to Nice, and Prince William and Kate Middleton have also dabbled in commercial travel, heading home on a regular flight after an official trip to LA.

So next time you fly, you might want to do a quick scan and see if you're on board with a royal...

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