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Actually useful travel tips from Hollywood actress Rashida Jones

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    You might know Rashida Jones from her parents (actress Peggy Lipton and musician Quincy Jones) but trust us, this 41-year-old Los Angeles star is way more than just Hollywood royalty.

    We first fell for her when she played Ann in Parks and Recreation and then slowly realised that she’s one of the most compelling celebrities out there. Have we mentioned that she was one of the writers of Toy Story 4, has executively produced sitcoms and most notably, questioned ideas about women, empowerment, porn and online dating in her Netflix documentaries Hot Girls Wanted and Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On?

    So, when we found out she was doing a collaboration with shit hot suitcase company Away (Karlie Kloss has just invested), we wanted to steal her fountain of travel knowledge, naturally. (As well as the case, obviously.)

    Based on her favourite destination, Stockholm, the suitcase is Scandi-chic as well as functional. But why is everyone raving about this brand? It’s lightweight, has an in-built charger, laptop case and hidden laundry bag inside it. It’s pretty much the Uber of suitcases.

    rashida jones

    What are your top travel tips?

    Try not to check luggage if you’re on a short enough trip. You’re always better off just having your things with you.

    That being said, I think we underestimate the toll that carrying luggage has on us, especially if you travel a lot. Anything you can do to take bags off your back, which was kind of the inspiration for the tote because you can hold it, you can cross-body it, but it also has that great slat so you can stick it over the handle of your bag – taking all the weight off your body.

    I always try to protect my immune system – so I bring Wet Ones, I put this stuff called do TERRA On Guard (essential oils) on my hands for my immunity. I try to wash my hands as much as I can and I stay hydrated.

    What kind of packer are you?

    I’m a very deliberate packer, but that being said there’s times when I don’t get it right and I get really upset. I’m somewhere and I need something or I don’t need something but I packed it anyway. I’ve gotten better about this over the years.

    I have all my basics in small travel sizes and I always keep my toiletries bag packed, so it’s something I don’t have to think about. I’ve travelled enough now that I’d say I’m pretty efficient–it’s just the basics for me.

    What’s your in-flight beauty routine?

    When I get on the plane, my travel beauty routine usually starts with spraying my face with Caudalie Mist. I also have this Tata Harper oil that I usually put on, or this new oil I just picked up from True Botanicals. Then I’ll put some Charlotte Tilbury eye cream on and slather a ton of Lucas Papaw papaya on my lips. I’ll finish with a spritz every couple hours.

    I also mask when I land, I love those SK-II masks or Dr. Jart+ makes a lot of great masks. If I’m feeling brave enough I’ll do a mask on the plane, I just accept that everybody is going to think I’m crazy and just go for it.

    Tell us a nightmarish travel anecdote…

    Oh my god, yes. I actually often think that I’ve had too many good travel experiences in a row that I must have a bad one coming for me some time soon. The ultimate nightmare experience was when I was traveling for work with my writing partner, on a trip through Italy – nine cities in eight days – ending in London.

    That crazy Icelandic volcano hit and grounded most the flights in Europe. So we took the last train out of London on a Sunday night, headed to Paris. It took us seven hours to find a rental car in Paris. We then drove through the night to Madrid where we got lost and ended up running through the airport to catch our flight to Dallas – and landed just in time to catch our connection to LA. 40 hours door to door.

    What’s the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?

    Tokyo – I went there for the first time four years ago and it just felt like I belonged there. The city has its own beautifully unique vibe, and I love the attention to detail and the sense of respect. I loved crossing the intersection, Shibuya, which is one of the biggest intersections in the world and yet it’s so quiet, the opposite of Times Square, so magical.

    Anywhere you haven’t been that’s on your list?

    Yes! I want to go to South America, I’ve never been there, and I want to go to Australia.

    How do you deal with jet lag?

    I take this homeopathic thing called No Jetlag, which is what it says it is. It has a bunch of chamomile and arnica and is really effective, so I take that on the plane every couple of hours.

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