long haul flight tips

These long haul flight tips will get you through your next getaway

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    Long-haul holidays are no longer just for the intrepid traveller. As many holidaymakers travel further afield for their next trip, we asked the experts at Travelbag for their top tips for how to survive a long-haul flight.

    Jetting off to an exotic destination is always exciting, but the reality of spending seven or more hours on a plane at 38,000 feet is far less thrilling.

    But hope is in sight: from the essentials to pack to how to relax in the air, here are the best ways to get through a long-haul flight, leaving you ready to embrace your next adventure.

    Book Your Tickets Early

    It may seem obvious, but booking your holiday flights well in advance means that you often get a better deal and it can leave you with more time to plan the exciting escapades you will embark on once you get to your destination. It’s also worth looking into any big sales that travel operators are offering – the best Black Friday holiday deals is a great place to start.

    If you’re a regular flier, don’t forget to cash in those all-important air miles too.

    Bag Your Seat

    If you have a seating preference, it’s best to book your seat ahead of time rather than chance it on the day. If you’re a nervous flyer, it can help to sit by the window, so you can see your surroundings from take-off to landing.

    long haul flight tips


    Charge Your Devices

    There’s nothing worse than running out of battery on a long journey, so make sure that your electronic devices are charged up ahead of time.

    Check In With Time To Spare

    Checking in as early as possible gives you longer to relax and grab a bite to eat before your flight. Airport lounge access is also a luxury you might want to opt for, giving you the opportunity to de-stress ahead of your long flight.

    Eat, Drink, Sleep, Repeat

    It’s important to eat at your usual intervals so that your body doesn’t get out of its normal rhythm. Packing your favourite snacks also provides a nice comfort for the trip.

    If you take along an empty water bottle, this can be refilled throughout your trip. While it’s tempting to drink alcohol on board, remember to keep your water levels up to avoid dehydration and jetlag.

    When you feel the urge to sleep, embrace it. A pillow, lightweight blanket and ear plugs will help you get the rest you need.


    Get Up, Get Down

    Regular walks up and down the aisles will help to relieve any aching limbs and restore regular blood flow.

    Dress For Comfort

    We all like to dress to impress, but when you’re heading off on a long-haul flight, you also need to ensure that you’re dressing for the plane – which means maximum comfort.

    Loose-fitting clothes will become your new best friends. Packing lots of layers means that you can change your outfit based on the temperature and you aren’t stuck with one outfit for the whole flight.

    Wearing slip-on shoes also means that you can relieve your feet if they get too hot. If your feet are prone to swelling on long flights, it’s worth investing in a pair of compression socks.

    Protect Your Peepers

    An eye mask can work wonders, helping you to drift off into natural sleep during your flight. You also get to channel Audrey Hepburn à la Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    If you normally wear contacts, you may want to think about wearing glasses instead for the flight, as your eyes will naturally dry out during the trip.

    long haul flight tips

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    Binge-watch To Your Heart’s Content

    Downloading your favourite albums, movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet is an easy, but effective way to pass the time.

    A good book is also effective if you’re struggling to get to sleep and need a distraction.

    Adjust Your Watch

    Unlike your digital devices, your watch may not automatically update to your new time zone. Setting your watch to align with your location as you pass through time zones will help you adjust naturally.

    Pack Your Mini Essentials

    Packing mini essentials for the flight means that you can freshen up on the go. However, it’s worth noting the 100ml restriction on all hand luggage liquids. You’ll find that most retailers sell travel-sized versions of your favourite beauty products.

    Having things like mini toothpaste, face wipes and hand cream means that you don’t need to divert from your regular beauty routine and helps you spruce up in a flash. Here’s our list of beauty hacks for long haul flights to help you out a little.

    long haul flight tips


    Travel By Day

    It might not always be possible, but by booking daylight flights, rather than overnight ones, you suffer less from sleep deprivation. This sometimes means losing a long day, but allows you to get going once you land.

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