Struggling to snooze on a plane? This is the secret to a good flight's sleep

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There are plenty of travel hacks out there, from picking the most popular seat on the plane and why you should always book early flights.

And there are also things you shouldn't do - like never drink water on a plane.

But what's the secret to a good snooze when you're travelling on a long haul flight?

On her blog The Flight Attendant Life, flight attendant and travel blogger Kara Mulder reveals that there's one really easy way to make sure you get enough kip when you're travelling.

Firstly, she makes sure to set her watch to the time zone of her destination. Then, she only eats when it would be breakfast, lunch or dinner time where she lands.

She explains: 'Immediately change your watch to the local time. Fall into a local time schedule and routine with eating and sleeping.

'Do not go to sleep at 1pm. Wait to fall asleep at a regular time [in that time zone]. Your body will quickly readjust.

'If the snack and meal service is not served on the your eating schedule, go ahead and pass on the food. Pack your own healthy granola bars, trail mix, dried fruit, etc. Also, be careful and avoid foods that cause gastrointestinal distress and be careful not to overeat.'

So what and when you eat can impact the z's you get while you're flying.


Jadie Troy-Pryde
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