Here's how to get an entire row to yourself on the plane

Without having to pay extra


Without having to pay extra

Nothing makes a long-haul flight worse than being stuck in the middle seat, especially if you don't know the people next to you.

Thankfully, the way we fly is changing, and for the better.

Not only do we know the answers to some of life's greatest questions, such as why planes are painted white and why you should actually leave your shoes on when flying, but these days flight attendants and frequent flyers alike are sharing their top tips for a more comfortable journey.

Just recently a long-haul flight attendant shared her top tips on how to sleep on an airplane, whilst another revealed the travel beauty tips the pros swear keep them looking fresh throughout the journey.

Well, now we know how to bag an entire airplane row to ourselves thanks to frequent flyer and blogger Gilbert Ott.

Good old Gilbert shared his handy hack on forum God Save The Points, and it's all down to using an app called ExpertFlyer.

Gilbert explained that the ExpertFlyer app 'allows users to view up-to-the-moment seating charts and, better yet, allows users to set alerts for when and if their ideal seat pops up.'

Even better, once you've got the alerts set up you can pick and choose where you sit, right up until the day of your departure.

Well, we'll be downloading that right now then.