The really easy ways to guarantee a hotel room upgrade

Whether you’re heading for the beach, a wellness retreat or a big adventure, there’s nothing quite like hopping on a plane and jetting off on holiday.

And the feeling you get when you check into a nice hotel? Priceless. The fluffy towels, the plumped up pillows, the slippers – what more could you ask for?

Well, actually, you could ask for a hotel room upgrade. However, just asking might not be enough to get you from a standard to a suite.

But there are ways to improve your chances if you’re willing to go the extra mile.

Spa Seekers spoke to travel experts and hotel managers to find out the secrets to getting a hotel room upgrade…

Dress like an influencer

Apparently, looking as though you might be plastering the whole experience all over social media is the key to getting a hotel room upgrade. Hotel managers say that being an influencer (or looking like you could be one) may get you an upgrade, however they’re also ‘trained to spot someone with influence’ so you’ll have to be convincing. Don’t forget to pack the Balenciaga trainers.

Use a fancy name

According to the experts, a moniker that sounds a bit posh will suggest to hotel managers that you’ve got money and that you’ll ‘potentially be extra respectful of a more luxurious room’. Might be worth switching the ‘Miss’ for ‘Princess’ on the drop down menu when you book.

Tweet or email the hotel the day before

Sending a friendly email or tweeting to tell your followers how excited you are to be staying at the hotel is an easy way of sweet-talking them – and it might just give your chances a boost when you get to the check-in desk.

Stay for one night

If you’re city hopping or planning a short trip, staying for one night only might be the key to a hotel room upgrade. It’ll cost them less to upgrade you compared to if you had a long stay booked and they’ll be more inclined to offer it to you.

Shine your wedding ring

Honeymooners are more likely to be upgraded as a token gesture, so apparently if you’re not a newlywed but your wedding ring looks extra shiny it’ll catch the attention of the hotel manager. How does this work exactly? Who knows.

Check in late

This one sounds a little odd, but apparently if you wait around for a bit there is the chance that standard rooms will already be occupied by the punctual travellers who have checked in first. This is your opportunity to swoop in and nab a better room. Easy.

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