This hotel room hack will completely blow your mind

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  • Wow.

    Fluffy bathrobes and slippers, room service, fancy toiletries, a big comfy bed – really, who doesn’t love staying at a hotel?

    But if we have one pet peeve, it’s the fact that when you’re given an electronic swipe card as a key there’s no way of charging devices once you’ve left the room as the card needs to be in the slot by the door in order to keep the electricity on.

    It also means that if you go out for the day, the air conditioning goes off and you can enjoy returning to a nice, humid room. Lovely.

    However, this hotel room hack will change the way you stay at hotels forever. Yes, really – forever. Because long gone are the days of stuffy rooms and not being able to charge your phone.

    The key cards don’t actually need to be in the slot to keep the electricity on. One Twitter user pointed out that any card that fits in there will keep things going. There’s no special chip or sensor that requires the key – as long as there’s something keeping the button at the bottom down, the slot is none the wiser.

    ‘Travellers’ tips (an occasional series): you see, you can use ANY card to work your hotel-room light switch. In this case my Ely Cathedral shop discount card,’ Jonathan Jones tweeted.


    So now you know you can leave the room with your phone on charge

    It also means that if one of you decides to pop out while the other has a snooze, they can take the card with them and the napping person doesn’t have to suffer with no air conditioning.


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