Plan your dream holiday and save the travel industry from coronavirus

Now is the time to think ahead and protect travel businesses big and small

travel industry coronavirus
travel industry coronavirus

Now is the time to think ahead and protect travel businesses big and small

More spare time than loo rolls? You're not alone. As we come to terms with our new restricted reality of staying at home due to coronavirus, as issued by the government last night, the mind can wander to a not-so-positive-place.

But there's a solution - and it's beneficial to both your mental wellbeing and the travel industry. Plan your next adventure. It may sound silly, what with the uncertainty of when lockdown will end and financial stability, but think about it: it gives you something to look forward to in the future, it's a distraction from lockdown and it's helping support the travel industry.

If you already had holiday plans in place for this year, another way to protect the travel industry is by changing the trip to a future date, rather than cancelling.

According to reports, holidays equating to £1 billion have been cancelled between March 17 and April 16, which of course Brits are entitled to be fully refunded for, as the government has advised to avoid all but essential travel.

But the huge payout could lead to a number of travel firms collapsing, due to the lack of revenue and refund amounts.

So please consider postponing. Or, if you feel worried about the pandemic not being over when you wish to travel, accept vouchers instead of a refund.

Daisy Bird, founder of luxury travel PR agency BIRD, says the industry is hugely suffering due to current travel restrictions, forced hotel closures and the previously mentioned mass cancellations. She expands, '10 per cent of the global population who work in the hospitality sector - dedicated owners, staff and local suppliers who make the joy of exploring the world even a possibility - have lost their income.'

So let's get skip summer and start planning the later part of the year and beyond. 'We recommend Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Ecuador for your 2020 travel hit list,' Daisy says. 'Or if you’re seeking somewhere closer to home, the Surrey Hills offer a stunning nature-based escape and are only a hop and a skip away from London.'

It's safe to say we've never yearned for the outside world more.

travel industry coronavirus

Daisy Bird, founder of BIRD Travel PR, says Mauritius is a must-see destination (Unsplash)

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