A flight attendant reveals why you should turn down meals on long haul trips


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If you're looking forward to a sunny getaway this year, you might be shopping for the best luggage and and ensuring that your beauty travel kit is prepared and ready to go. 

But there are a few things that you should probably consider about the flight before you've even set off to your idyllic destination

Long-haul trips can leave you feeling pretty groggy, and if you're flying for six hours or more then it's likely that your body will feel a bit out of whack by the time you arrive thanks to time zone differences and an unusual eating schedule. 

And according to one flight attendant, if you're heading overseas on a long haul flight, you might want to reconsider the meals that are offered to you. 

Kris Major, who has been working in the industry for over two decades, explains that while it can be tempting to ensure you eat every meal and snack offered by staff, it could affect how you feel once you're at your destination. 

He told CNN Travel: "The seasoned travellers, after take off you go down the cabin and you can see that they’re gone – they’ve covered themselves up and they’re asleep.

"Most airlines don’t particularly plan their [food] service around the passenger and acclimatisation and time zones crossing."

Instead of forcing yourself to eat when meal time comes around, Major suggests making sure you're getting some z's in and prioritising your rest - aiming to eat before boarding, and trying to get between five and six hours of sleep on the flight. 

And his top tip for ensuring that you're not hit by out-of-sorts grogginess while you're flying? It's actually really simple.

He added: "Cleaning your teeth is always the one that freshens everybody up the most."

Worth remembering for your next holiday!

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