16 Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow For Summer Holiday Inspiration

Trot the globe, via your smart phone, with these sensational travel instagram accounts. Glorious sunshine, wild adventures and eye-popping views are just a click away.

1. @theblondegypsy

Larissa aka The Blonde Gypsy is originally from California but currently spends most of her time in Europe, and Sweden in particular. She’s a very cool chick and manages to hone in on the beautiful and unique. Follow her for tonnes upon tonnes of stunning snaps of Europe.

2. @natgeotravel

As you might imagine, the images from behind-the-scenes of National Geographic’s shoots are incredible. But, the best part is, if you tag your own photos with #natgeotravelpic, come Wednesday each week, you could see your own handiwork featured on their Instagram feed.

3. @uncornered_market

Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott are the husband-and-wife duo who have been travelling the world for six years. 75 countries later and they’re still loving life. These two go off the beaten track as much as they can, so expect mind-blowing photos from everywhere from Azerbaijan to Kashmir, Burma to Peru.

4. @adventurouskate

When Kate was 26, she did what most of us long to do: she quit her job and travelled the world. She now makes her living doing just that and documents every single wonderful moment of her adventures on her Instagram feed. Plus, her blog is full of tips, advice and inspiration for anyone who’s thinking of taking off in her footsteps.

5. @pausethemoment

Ryan and Liz are busy travelling the world and living life, by the looks of things, to its absolute fullest. Once you’ve looked at their Instagram you’ll need to be physically chained to your desk to stop you running out the door and onto the next available flight to, well, anywhere.

6. @jaredchambers

Jared is a photographer based in LA, but he travels often and his shots are so very, very cool.

7. @hostelbookers

If the Hostelbookers’ Instagram account doesn’t inspire you to travel, or at least book a spontaneous vacay, there’s something wrong with you.

8. @parisinfourmonths

Carin moved to Paris in 2012 for four months, but fell so in love with the city that she has been there ever since. Her feed will make you feel nothing but amour for the City of Lights too.

9. @earthxplorer

After 90 countries and 7 continents, JD Andrews’ Instagram is crammed full of travel inspiration. We lose hours at a time scrolling through his snaps. Remind us why we work in an office again?

10. @kirstenalana

Kirsten was a wedding photographer before turning her lens to travel. She lives in New York, and takes the majority of her clever, arty snaps there, but never seems to sit still for long. She also loves to photograph food, which we’re always happy about. Obviously.

11. @drewkelly

This is probably the most fascinating Instagram account on our list. Andrew lives in a place where most of us are currently not able to go (and probably wouldn’t want to) – Pyongyang, North Korea. This feed lets you take a peak inside one of the most isolated and terrifying countries on the planet.

12. @sert mehmet

Sert’s stunning images, predominently of Turkey, never fail to cheer us up. He makes the already beautiful breathtaking.

13. @wildjunket

There’s pretty much nowhere travel writer Nellie hasn’t been. The co-founder of the Wild Junket magazine will bring lush rainforests, tango dancing and friendly penguins (her favourite thing to do is hang with the wildlife on the Galapagos) all to your smart phone.

14. @bradtully

Brad Tully’s Instagram is almost entirely dedicated to the sort of things you’d see on an African safari (spread-eagled giraffe, anyone?). So, if cruising around the Masai Mara is your dream, check him out.

15. @fosterhunting

The writer behind A Restless Transplant lives, travels and surfs from the comfort of his camper van. With his Instagram you’ll feel like you do too.

16. @hellopoe

In her own words, because who could say it better, ‘Adrienne Pitts is a photographer with a neverending love of travel, people, dogs, coffee and sunshine.’ She’s a New Zealander living in London and she can’t get enough of travelling the world. We, in turn, can’t get enough of her Instagram.

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