Snaps + Rye: London's cool Danish cafe

Get yourself down to Snaps + Rye for a touch of Scandi cool

salmon landscape
salmon landscape

Get yourself down to Snaps + Rye for a touch of Scandi cool

If you fancy a touch of Scandi cool, get yourself along to Snaps + Rye, London’s only Danish café/restaurant. Nestled in the bohemian heart of Golborne Road, this relative newcomer (it’s only been here a year) was founded by Danish-English husband and wife team, Kell and Jacqueline Skott. Along with chef Tania Steytler, Snaps + Rye has already created a real buzz.

The surroundings are pared back yet comfortable with the pale blonde wooden furniture and fresh sky blue decor interspersed with the crisp red of the Danish flag. We visited on a Friday lunchtime and there was a steady stream of customers either sitting down for lunch, grabbing a takeout or snapping up goodies from the deli counter.

So what is Danish food? It's about so much more than just fish (though the fish is very good). All the dishes have been created with a real eye to detail, delicate flavours and exceptional freshness. More than anything there's a real sense of fun and informality here, so even if you've never thought that Danish food might be your 'thing' Snaps + Rye makes it feel exciting to give it a try.

For breakfast they serve up everything from a light Skyr Nordic Yoghurt, Granola and Berry Compote, to Cured Var Salmon, Scrambled Eggs on Rye Bread. If you want something a little different, try the Rye Rarebit where you get to choose from toppings like Smoked Streaky Bacon, Liquorice Syrup and Pickled Mushrooms to a throw-caution-the-the-winds Hog’s Pudding (Spiced Pork Sausage) with Bloody Viking Ketchup. And you don’t even need to get up early because breakfast is served all day. (By the way – liquorice is a bit of a thing here and used to flavour a few dishes, as well as sold in sweet form from the deli. So delicate is the flavour, even liquorice-haters have been known to admit yes, it’s really rather good.)

My lunch starter was one of their famous open sandwiches, a salmon delicately cured with fennel pollen and akvavit on rye bread (hands down, best salmon I’ve ever had), and my husband went for the Christmas starter – a selection that included Christmas Herring (flavoured with spices), Curry Herring, Cured Salmon and Rye Bread. For my main, I ate the Flash-Fried Smoked Eel, Warm Potato Salad, Rye Toast, Mustard and Crisp Ham. Seriously – if you come here you have to give this a try. The rich sweet flavour of the eel is perfectly balanced by the mustard sauce.

Sticking to the festive theme, my husband ordered the Roast Pork, Crackling, Red Cabbage, Brown Potatoes, Mash and Cabbage Salad. Okay - let us pause here and just take a moment pay tribute to the Danes and potatoes. They really know what they're doing. We ate them in various forms throughout the lunch, chowing down on gorgeous potato salad, mash and above-mentioned delectable little brown potatoes - carb heaven.

Desserts that won't disappoint We had the Danish Apricot and Almond Baked Custard Pudding (see how pretty it looks? Tastes even better) and a Gammeldagsaeblekage med Stikkelsbaer (Danish Layer Cake to you, served in a glass). Prices are very reasonable with brekkie coming in at £5 – 10, open sandwiches from £3, cooked main courses up to £10 and all desserts are £5. This could become a bit of a habit.

With a relaxed atmosphere, friendly but knowledgable service and a gorgeous mix of pared-back style and understated décor, we can’t think of a better way to spend a lunchtime. Or a breakfast or dinner, come to that. Tusind tak, Snaps & Rye!

Snaps + Rye, 93 Golborne Road, London W10 5NL Snaps + Rye Tuesday – Wednesday: 8am – 6pm Now also open for dinner on Thursday - Saturday evenings (till 11pm) Sunday: 10am -6pm. (020 8964 3004)

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