23 Signs That You Probably Need To Book A Holiday Immediately

It's October and we're already crying over the end of the Summer.

It's October and we're already crying over the end of the Summer.

Summer is officially over and while we do (kind of) love Winter and it's fairisle jumpers and constant roasts, we can't just grit our teeth and deny that we're already in desperate need of a holiday. If you're like us, you might be experiencing some of the below.

Here are the 23 signs that you are in need of a holiday:

1. You’ve been suffering from an post-Summer-and-almost-Winter-but-not-quite-yet cold for about two and a half weeks now. WHEN will it end?! Oh yeah, when you go on holiday is when!

2. You find yourself Googling cheap flights to ANYWHERE.

3. Your travel bucket list grows every.single.day.

4. You refuse to ask your smug colleagues how their holidays were because you just cannot be arsed pretending you’re happy for them.

5. Hearing people say ‘oh, when I was in [insert tropical holiday destination]…’ literally feels like a knife to the heart.

6. You have to use the hide button on Facebook frequently to avoid seeing pictures of your friends fanning themselves on beaches.

7. You really wish Facebook would hurry up and introduce the ‘Dislike’ button so you could use it on every single overly-filtered image of palm trees and beaches that make it on to your newsfeed.

8. You haven’t been on Instagram for months because you just cannot deal with more hotdogs or legs scenarios. Holiday spam should be taxed.

9. Your fake tanning has gone into overdrive and you’re not even ashamed.

10. You’ve got a holiday wardrobe ready and waiting to go into your basket on ASOS’ Saved Items section just incase…

11. You and your partner have argued (several times) over where you would go on your imaginary never-going-to-happen holiday.

12. You refuse to answer your mum’s calls because she’s currently sunning herself in the Caribbean without you. How very dare she.

13. You’re still wearing your Birkenstocks and kaftan even though it’s constantly raining.

14. You keep fantasizing about Gabriel, the Brazilian macho man with buns of steel, fanning you on the beach and feeding you grapes. Yes, it’s clichéd, but it’s what you want. No, need.

15. You’ve heard yourself say, ‘well, my friend got a bad stomach when she went there’ when people start telling you about their just-booked two-weeks abroad to make yourself feel better.

16. You fall asleep with the lights on so that when you wake, you can pretend the light is the sun.

17. You start taking random days off from work to appease your anger. You then spend said days off in bed, moping.

18. You find yourself getting angry at the almost everyone around you, including the baristas at Starbucks.

19. You refuse to read Girl on a Train because you need to be in the sun to do so.

20. Everyone who asks you how you're doing risks an extensive reply about how tired/annoyed/bored/upset/done/starved of sun and frankly, miserable you are.

21. You've convinced yourself that you have Seasonal Affective Disorder and therefore, MUST be taken away on an all-inclusive tropical holiday immediately.

22. Instead of your usual glass of wine, you keep ordering Pina Coladas at the pub. You’ve started bringing your own paper umbrellas too.

23. And when you FINALLY end up going on holiday, you are as excited as a small child in a sweet shop.

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