6 Guilty Pleasures You Should Totally Embrace This Summer

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  • Forget being too cool for school; the unexpected gems to indulge in this summer...

    Sticking to the sofa on Saturday nights

    You watch the first episode reluctantly and next minute you’re toasting the winner at your all-singing, shot-downing X Factor final party. We’ve all been there. But this year is actually a cause for celebration because Cheryl Cole is (finally) back. Fash offs, hair crushes… and maybe some music in between. Let it all out (the tears that is) and enjoy.

    Being a teeny bopper (and proud)

    Since Cara et al gave McBusted the seal of approval at their recent Hyde Park gig, it kind of seems ok to admit to liking these boys (ironically or not…). But Charlie? Where for art thou, Charlie? Well, Mr Simpson is back with an album of his own, Long Road Home, on Monday 4 August. Gone are the head bashing days of Fight Star, and he’s looking pretty good too…

    Being an old romantic

    Thought re-watching Shakespeare in Love on your laptop was a bit cheesy? It is – and if there’s one thing even cheesier (but brilliantly so) it’s catching the show on the live stage. Take your mum, your nan, your BFF to the Noel Coward Theatre (until 25 October). Your boyfriend will thank you.

    Giving into the otter

    …or the racehorse! Poor ol Benedict Cumberbatch’s been called some things in his time, but it doesn’t stop us fancying him. Sherlock withdrawal? Catch him on the live stage in Hamlet at London’s Barbican Theatre from 6 August. You won’t regret it.

    Having the time of your life

    Nobody puts baby in the corner. They do, however put baby in the medieval castle – Leeds Castle, near Maidstone in Kent to be precise. Yep, on the 26 July, the 1980s classic hits the most scenic open air cinema in the country. Get your dirty dancing groove on.

    Walking on Sunshine

    That’s how you’ll feel after seeing the so-called feel good film of the year starring Gemma Arterton’s little sis, Hannah, and Leona Lewis. It might not be everyone’s cuppa tea, but if you need a Mamma Mia style lift, it’s the one to book. Warning: Cindi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Fun might just get stuck in your head. On repeat.

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