These are the UK's most common sex mishaps

Because love really does hurt sometimes…

sex mishaps

Because love really does hurt sometimes…

Ah, sex. One of life’s most pleasurable ways to kill time. Whether it’s with a long-term partner or an unfamiliar face, it’s an intimate act that momentarily traps you and that other person in your own lovely little world of awkward fumbling and intense eye contact of movie-sized proportions. It’s wonderful – but given the fact that you’re both naked, sweaty and, you know, moving around a fair bit, it’s bound to go wrong sometimes - and we've all experienced at least one or two sex mishaps.

Because our bodies are unpredictable vessels. Maybe you’ve made a weird sound ‘that genuinely hasn’t happened before, haha!’ or found your own tongue failing you as you attempt dirty talk. And the odd bumping of heads as you manoeuvre into a new position is surely inevitable.

It’s skin-crawly, hand over your eyes type stuff, but the good news is, if you’re no stranger to such sex mishaps – you can rest easy knowing you’re not alone, as new research has revealed the most common sex mishaps people experience in the bedroom.

Enlisting the help of 2,544 respondents across the UK, OnBuy’s Adult Department went on a mission to find out more about the unfortunate happenings which have happened to them between the sheets.

With the results both hilarious and painfully relatable, here are the most common sex mishaps people experience in the throes of passion…

Five of the most common sex mishaps people have in the bedroom

Falling off your partner – or the furniture

Topping the list as most common sex mishap is ‘falling off your partner or furniture’, with 75% of people revealing this has happened to them before. So unless you wanna take the action to the floor, get a good grip on something.

A family member walking in on you

The stuff of nightmares, really – yet it’s happened to as many as 71% of the respondents asked. How many awkward family dinners is that? I'm seeing triple figures...

An ‘eye shot’

This is exactly what it sounds like – an unfortunately aimed ejaculation, which can be incredibly painful. It is also, however, fairly common – with 68% of people having experienced this fresh hell.

Falling in the shower

Yes, shower sex is fun and sexy – but it’s slippery, awkward and very haphazard, with 51% of people having admitted to falling in the shower while doing ‘woohoo’. But this isn’t the only problem, oh no, as the hot temperature has also made some people faint. Cool…

Being knocked unconscious

Having sex can feel like an outer-body, otherworldly experience – especially if you get yourself knocked out – which has happened to 5% of the respondents approached. Hey, if you’re having a good time, it can be easy to forget about the hazards around you.

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