Most dog owners actually kiss their pet pooch more than their partner


Most people pick pets over their partners according to one recent study, and we can't say we're that shocked. If the two don't get along, you're more likely to ditch your lover in favour of your fur baby. And who's to judge? The study also found that most of the participants admitted that their pet smelt better than their other half’s breath. Delightful.

So it makes sense that most people who own a dog kiss their pet pooch more than their partner, and new research proves this to be true.

Pet food company Riley Organics conducted a survey and found that 52% of US dog owners kiss their doggo more than their other half. The same amount of people admitted that they prefer to sleep with their hound, too.


Science does say it's better to sleep next to a dog than a human, with research finding that those who slept next to their pooch reported a better, more restful sleep than those who snoozed next to another animal or person. Why? Because when we snuggle up with dogs we experience feelings of comfort and security.

However, another study found that sleeping next to your dog can stop you from getting the recommended eight hours kip and should only happen 'if the mental health benefits outweigh the real risks associated with sleep loss.'

Sleep or snuggles?

We'll leave that one up to you.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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