It turns out that most people would pick their pet over their partner

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  • Most of us like dogs more than we like other humans. Surprised? No, neither are we. They’re always up for a cuddle and are always excited to see you – plus, they’re brilliant for your mental health. One airport introduced therapy dogs to help nervous fliers, and this university is funding dog walking sessions for stressed out students.

    And our love for our pets knows no bounds. No, seriously. The majority of people would pick their pet over their partner according to new research.

    A study by Mattress Online found that 64% of people are more likely to choose their dog/cat/hamster over their significant other if the two don’t get along.

    But for those of you who might be in a relationship with someone that falls into the above category, 80% of participants said that having an animal actually strengthened their relationship and communication and reduced stress levels. So it’s not all bad.

    Slightly more surprising (maybe?) is the fact that half of those involved in the research admitted that they’d let their pet interrupt sex, and most of those surveyed said that their pet smelt better than their other half’s breath. Lovely.

    But sleeping with a pet might not be the best idea, as it can disrupt sleep and stop you from getting a full eight hours. Even though science says it’s better to sleep next to a dog than a human, but okay.

    ‘We only recommend sleeping with a pet if the mental health benefits outweigh the real risks associated with sleep loss,’ said Steve Adams, CEO of Mattress Online.

    The top three reasons that pets might stop you from getting enough kip is by taking up too much room, making loud noises and moving around the room.

    So are you happy to forgo a full night’s sleep so that you can snuggle up to your pet? Is it all worth it for those pet cuddles?

    In short: always.

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