Date night pending? Copy these creative ideas as seen on Instagram

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  • It's time to inject a little more fun into lockdown life

    For quarantining couples, ‘date night‘ may seem like a distant memory (what we wouldn’t give to reserve a table at a sushi restaurant right now), especially after completing all the home date ideas out there.

    With the days are blending into one and the seemingly never-ending weeks, it can be hard to differentiate weeknights from the weekend. But if you’re lucky enough to be quarantined with your loved one throughout lockdown, it may be time to make the most of it.

    If you’re lacking inspiration on how to inject a little more fun into lockdown life, influencers are here to help. And we have to say, these Instagram-friendly ideas are totally making us approve of the staying “in in’ rather than ‘out out’ movement.

    Al fresco games night


    Having had to forfeit our busy schedules and drink dates, we encourage you to get versatile and go back to basics: puzzles, quizzes and scrabble alike are here to save the day. Simple pleasures, eh?

    If you have outdoor space, make use of it. For your next date night, why not pitch up a spot under the setting sun and bring the boardgames to the back garden? A game of chess in your comfies whilst sharing a large bottle of something scrumptious sounds more romantic when it’s al fresco…

    Duvet dates

    Even if you don’t describe yourself as a ‘girly girl’, few can resist a romantic, movie night in (especially when you’re housebound). With lockdown in full swing, it’s time to upgrade your bedroom and delve deep into the duvet.

    Hands up who’s keen to enjoy an evening of romantic comedies from beneath the sheets and sink into a new date haven within your own bedroom? Combine a luxury TV bed, your best set of pyjamas and a tray full of snacks to set you up for the cosiest couples’ night in.

    Table for two

    Fancy restaurants and glamorous evenings on the town may well be out of our reach (for now), but that doesn’t mean you and your loved one can’t share a delicious dinner date. Set up the table, put on your glad rags and enjoy a candlelit evening (see Proudlock’s efforts, above).

    And with many restaurants revealing the recipes to some of their most-loved dishes, now is the perfect time to put your culinary skills to the test and recreate some of your favourite meals. You could even add an element of mystery by cooking for your other half and treating them as a guest. Mood lighting, table settings and tasteful crockery can really make the world of difference and turn an ordinary supper into a sultry one.

    Midnight picnic


    Now is the perfect time to utilise your outdoor space if you have it, and set up a garden-friendly den date. All you need is a teepee, candles and a clear, warm night. And, if possible, add a little ambience with outdoor lighting and fire: fairy lights can fix anything (note: not your relationship).

    Date night ideas, sorted. Happy quarantining.

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