You won't believe the one thing Brits say makes them the happiest

And it's free ...

And it's free ...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

What makes you happiest? Is it the news that a large morning coffee is actually good for you? Is it when you realise you can get your favourite Zara products for less with these shopping hacks? Is it when you relive all the times that Barack and Michelle Obama were total relationship goals?

Well apparently – it’s none of the above.

According to a survey by One4all, it turns out that an overwhelming majority of people say that a hug makes them the happiest of all.

Yes, something as simple as this affectionate gesture is making us Brits happier than coffee, shopping and the Obama’s.

Of the 2,000 British adults surveyed, a staggering 41% revealed that hugs were enough to make them happy.

It also showed that the kindest people on the UK are those from Plymouth, with 45% of them saying that they’re happiest when doing things for other people.

However, residents of Sheffield are less likely to be satisfied by selfless acts with just 29% admitting that the happiness of others gives them joy.

But if you want something really heartwarming, it’s the fact that more than a third of those questioned said that they feel happiest giving gifts as opposed to receiving them.

Same. But we really wouldn’t say no to these aviator sunglasses to get our summer wardrobe rolling …

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