This is why a large morning coffee is actually good for you

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    Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

    Is there anything better than a cup of coffee first thing in the morning? Whether it’s before we leave the house or en route to the office, it’s a dreamy way to wake yourself up.

    And on days when we’ve had less than our recommended six hours kip? Make ours a venti please, Mr. Barista, you beautifully skilled coffee-making angel.

    But what about all those naysayers who try to ruin our lives by reminding us that coffee stains your teeth and gives you bad breath?

    Well, you can now heartily laugh in the face of any coffee hater because actually, getting a large cup of the good stuff first thing in the morning is good for you.


    A study at the University of Bath revealed that a morning caffeine hit improves your reaction times and therefore helps you to make simple decisions. It’s particularly effective for older people.

    The experiment saw groups of older adults being asked to carry out attention and reaction tests. Some had been given a pill with the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee, while the others were issued with placebo.

    And guess who scored better? The caffeine takers, of course.

    But we do have to point out that Dr Kanchan Sharma, the author of the study, also says that too much caffeine will have the opposite effect as your body becomes used to the hit.

    We’re totally committing to a morning coffee for our health, obviously. Not even the fear of a coffee shortage by 2050 can hold us back now.

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