You need to start having kids at this age if you want three (apparently)

OH, good.

OH, good.

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

If you're fed up of hearing that this is how much we should be earning at every age, or that these are the 'peak' ages for certain life events, then we've got great news - there's more!

A computer has decided that if you've ever dreamed of starting a family, and imagine yourself with a few mini-me's running around, there is an optimum age to get going with it all.

The programme used over 300 years worth of fertility data and can let you know when to start trying to have a baby depending on the total number of children that you want.

Are you ready?

If you're looking to have one child, you've got until you're 32 to start as you'll have a 90% chance of conceiving naturally at this point.

But if you're looking to have three children, then you'd better start at the ripe old age of... 23. Yes, really.

According to the science, it calculates the age based on the premise that couples will wait at least 15 months after a birth to start trying for another one.

One of the minds behind this model, Dik Habbema from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, said: 'We have tried to fill a missing link in the decision-making process. My son is 35 and many of his friends have a problem deciding when to have children because there are so many things they want to do.'

But, you know, don't worry about the fact that you're not in a relationship with someone you love and want to start a family with, or if you're financially unstable, or if you just aren't ready. If you want three, you need to get going, because body clock - right?

Allan Pacey from the University of Sheffield said: 'What it is saying is that if you're relaxed about having three children, you can wait until you're 35, but you've got to start early to be certain.'

However, he also went on to say: 'The table ought to be photocopied and put up on the clinic wall. We should should also be aiming this at sixth former and university students, so that they're aware of how to plan their life.

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'We haven't got a time machine we can put people in... that's just a blunt reality. Everyone thinks they can wait - this shows that you can't.'

You heard the man, stop what you're doing and start making all those babies immediately.

Alternatively - just do whatever you want.

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