This is how much we should be earning at every age (apparently)

Inspiring - or depressing?

Inspiring - or depressing?

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

That old adage that looking for a job is a job in itself is depressingly true. But you've scouted out the top jobs in the UK according to LinkedIn, you've researched the one thing that employers are looking for and thus charmed everyone at the job interview, and you did it - you got offered your dream job.

Then it comes the wages chat. And despite the fact that news that the pay gap halves for millennial women, it's still very much a thing. There is a push for more transparency when it comes to what your co-workers earn (although talking about money at work is still much hotly-debated topic), but what about other people your age in different careers? How does your salary compare to theirs?

Brokering service, Instant Offices, has researched exactly how much we are expected to be earning at every stage of our adult lives.

When broken into age brackets, the results looked like this:

Late teens: £1,270–£1,361 per month

Twenties: £1,829–£1,924 per month

Thirties: £2,333–£2,535 per month

Forties: £2,258–£2,830 per month

The data also showed that across the UK, the average yearly salary is £27,000 - but in London the average person could be looking at a much more robust £35,000 per year.

Inspiring or depressing? Well considering it also pointed out that women's wages peak when they're in their thirties, we're going to go with the latter.

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