Apparently, these are the 'peak' ages for certain life events

Not sure if this is comforting or depressing...

Not sure if this is comforting or depressing...

Words by Jadie Troy-Pryde

While we're busy trying to shake off the lingering weekend wine guilt, the last thing we want to hear is that we're past our 'peak' for finding someone who wants to marry us, or that we peak at happiness with our bodies at the ripe old age of 74.

But in the same way you still watch a terrifying movie unfold through the gaps in your fingers, we're intrigued to know what the supposed 'optimum' ages for life events are.

Business Insider decided to reveal exactly what science has to say about the landmarks of our lives, and at what ages we reach our peaks - from the ability to learn another language at 7 years old, to understanding people's emotions at 51.

The research used averages and surveys as opposed to strictly controlled trials, but it is very interesting to see that there are two peaks for life satisfaction. So if you're anywhere between 20 and 60, you've missed the first one - sorry.

Let's take a look...

At 7 years old: Learning a new language

At 18 years old: Brain processing power

At 22 years old: Remembering names

At 23 years old: Life satisfaction, and female attractiveness to men (errrrm)

At 25 years old: Muscle strength

At 26 years old: Finding a partner for marriage

At 28 years old: Running a marathon

At 30 years old: Bone mass

At 31 years old: Playing chess

At 32 years old: Remembering faces

At 39 years old: Salary for women

At 40 years old: Making a Nobel Prize winning discovery

At 48 years old: Salary for men

At 50 years old: Arithmetic skills

At 51 years old: Understanding people's emotions

At 69 years old: Life satisfaction (second and last time)

At 71 years old: Vocabulary

At 74 years old: Happiness with your body

At 82 years old: Psychological well-being

So there you have it.

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