If your name is on this list you're more likely to be successful

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What's in a name? Well, these are the names most likely to cheat, meaning it can supposedly predict infidelity.

And when it comes to bestowing an trendy moniker on your bundle of joy people are just not digging these almost extinct baby names anymore. Sad.

But can your name also have an impact on how successful you are later in life? According to a study conducted by Grosvenor Casinos reported by The Sun, many of us believe it can.

Two thirds of Brits feel that the right name can set you up for life, and 30% believe that having the same name as a celeb could make you more successful.

The research found that there are certain monikers that we equate with success. For example, if your name is William or Victoria (very regal, we must say) you're perceived as the most likely to be successful. George and Elizabeth (starting to see a pattern here?) are up next, followed by Richard and Alexander (really).

Coming in at the lower end of the scale were Johns, Olivers and Olivias.

Here's the full list:

  • William and Victoria (37.8%)
  • George (37.3%)
  • Elizabeth (36.3%)
  • Richard and Alexander (32%)
  • Thomas (28.1%)
  • David (27.8%)
  • Harry (25.5%)
  • John (24.2%)
  • Oliver (23.1%)
  • Olivia (18.6%)

Caroline Webb, head of brand for Grosvenor Casinos, said: 'It’s so interesting to see what the nation considers to be a successful name.

'It does ask the question, if you are given one of these names, are you more primed for success in life?'

Basically, if you're a member of the royal family or you share your name with an A-lister you're destined for success.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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