Most pet owners would rather stay at home with their fur baby than go out with friends

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If you have a pet, you'll know that the bond is unbreakable and if there's one positive to come out of the lockdown it's being able to spend more time with your fur baby. You'll have invested in everything from slippers that look like your dog, to matching pet jumpers, to BFF necklaces that you can both wear.

Science also tells us that it's better to sleep next to a dog than a human (apparently it contributes to a better night's sleep), so if your partner complains about it they know where the couch is.

But when it comes to socialising, would you rather spend time with your pet or with your pals?

Pet genetics company, Wisdom Health Genetics, released their 2020 Pet Census and found that the majority of pet owners would rather spend time with their dogs and cats than with other people. Forget nights out - it's all about cosy nights in with your furry family member.

They surveyed 13,000 people and found that 72% of dog owners and 32% of cat owners felt more inclined to hang out with their pet.

It also revealed that 64% of 'pet parents' consider their dog or cat to be one of their children and 17% of pets actually have their own social media accounts. Fair enough, because who doesn't love scrolling through pictures of cute dogs and cats living their best lives?

As many studies have shown, pets are good for your mental health - and pet owners believe this to be true too, with 99% of dog owners and 96% of cat owners saying that their pet has had a positive impact.

Audrey Yoo, general manager at Wisdom Health Genetics, said: 'In the last ten years, our pets have undergone an incredible lifestyle evolution.

'And they now play a central role in our own lives – whether they’re improving our mental health, especially in these unique times, or sharing a spot in our beds.'

So if you choose your fur baby over your friends, then you're not alone.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
News Editor

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