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These are the Yankee Candles you should be stocking up on this Christmas

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  • From Pink Sands to Soft Blanket, Cinnamon Stick to Red Raspberry, these are the best selling Yankee Candles on the market

    Yankee Candle might be America’s best-loved candles, but us Brits are pretty big fans of them too; they’re affordable, fun and have the best fragrance names (Witches Brew, anyone?)

    When it comes to fragrance, they’ve got pretty much every scent you can think of covered, from classic Clean Cotton to the more unusual – but by no means less delicious – options like Poached Pear and Tropical Jungle.

    ‘It’s important that every fragrance we sell is true-to-life and realistic to the flower, food, experience or indeed place that inspired it,’ the brand tells us. and their portfolio of scents is always evolving.

    If you’re honest withy yourself you know you love them too; that’s why we’re rounding up the most popular Yankee Candle buys for you to shop in time for the holidays.

    Keep reading for for the best scents, Christmas editions and gift sets that you can snap up right now. Because who doesn’t enjoy a scented candle?

    Yankee Candle gift sets

    12 Votive Candle Gift Set, £21.99

    yankee candle gift set

    It’s that time of year when we all have Christmas (and more specifically Christmas shopping) on the brain. Yankee Candles are an easy win when it comes to gifting and, last year, 73% of those given as a gift were at Christmastime.

    Of course if you want to give more than one scent as a present, there’s a range of   to choose from; go for a Christmas scent bundle to add to the festive ambiance at-home, or a discovery set of several scented tealights, votives or jars to add to the recipients existing candle collection.

    For more great bundles for present ideas, shop our round up of this year’s best Christmas beauty gift sets now.

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    Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

    yankee candle advent calendar

    For scented candle addicts, Yankee Candle really is the best place to get your advent calendar – and they are offering THREE different options this year. The above is your classic fold-out calendar, containing 12 Yankee Candle votives, a votive holder and 12 scented tea lights all in various Christmassy scents.

    Then, there’s the slightly more affordable Classic Advent Calendar, £24.99, Boots, that’s packed with tealights, as well as a Tower Calendar for £74.99 containing mini jar candles should you wish for even more Yankee Candles this yuletide. Bargain. For more great advent gifts, shop our round up of all the best beauty advent calendars now.

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    Christmas Yankee Candles

    Every year, Yankee offers a great selection of special Christmassy scents to make homes all over the world feel festive AF, including fan-favourites All is Bright and Christmas Cookie.

    This year there are four brand new festive fragrances joining the line-up: Winter Wonder (champagne, citrus and vanilla), Glittering Star (sandalwood, sugar plum and ginger), Frosty Gingerbread and Icy Blue Spruce. Sign us up!

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    Personalised Yankee Candles

    Just when you thought the Yankee Candle fun couldn’t get any more, well, fun – you can even personalise Yankee Candles. But it doesn’t simply stop with a nice message or the person’s name emblazoned on the front. Oh no. It’s even better than that.

    Choose from a large candle or small pillar candle to personalise and you can even add your own personal photo on the front of your candle. So whether you want to gift a cute picture of yourself to your Nana, or of the happy couple for their wedding present, adorn your Yankee Candle with your favourite picture.

    Another great thing about the brand is the huge variation in sizes available, ranging from dinky tealights to huge glass jars as well as diffusers and car air fresheners. On that note, below are a selection of best-selling Yankee Candle scents in all shapes and sizes; why not treat yourself to a Clean Cotton or Black Cherry while you’re here?

    Yankee Candle Black Cherry Tumbler, £10,99 at Boots

    Yankee Candle Black Cherry

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    Yankee Candle Pink Sands Medium Jar, £19.99 at Boots

    Yankee Candles Pink Sands

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    Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Tumbler, £18.97 at Amazon

    yankee candles clean cotton

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    Yankee Candle All Is Bright Large Jar, £23.99, Boots

    Yankee Candle All is Bright

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    Yankee Candles Soft Blanket Votive, £1.99 at Clintons

    Yankee Candle Soft Blanket

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    Yankee Candles Midnight Jasmine Small Jar

    yankee candles midnight jasmine

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    Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender Diffuser, £16.99 at Boots

    Yankee Candle Lemon Lavender

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    Yankee Candle Red Raspberry Large Jar, £23.99 at Very

    yankee candle

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    Yankee Candle Cinnamon Stick Large Jar, £23.99 at Yankeecandle.co.uk

    yankee candle cinnamon

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    With so many scents available, we defy you to find one you don’t like.

    Got a favourite Yankee Candle that’s not on here? Let us know at @marieclaire.co.uk.

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