You can now buy a folding Tom Riddle's diary lamp and it looks magical

harry potter lamp

Harry Potter fans are being absolutely spoilt this year. The countdown to Christmas is sorted thanks to this Harry Potter beauty advent calendar, Harry Potter cupcakes now are now a thing so anyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy something a bit magical, and if you need a bit of a cash injection then it's worth checking your bookshelf for a first edition of Philosopher's Stone because the Harry Potter book's worth may just exceed £30,000.

But if you don't have galleons in the bank but want to get someone something special this year, listen up.

How would you feel about a folding lamp that's also Tom Riddle's diary? Excited? Amazed? Ready to take on the Christmas queues just to get your hands on one?

Argos is now selling the unique Harry Potter themed light and it looks absolutely magical.

The lamp is a replica of Tom Marvolo Riddle's diary, and when opened it fans out like a book and instantly switches on.

harry potter lamp

Credit: Argos

On the front of the LED book lamp are the words 'lumos' in gold foil print, which every Potterhead will know is the spell for adding light to the end of your wand. And while in the wizarding world the diary was in fact belonging to Lord Voldemort, bringing all sorts of darkness with it, we're pretty sure that this one won't be giving you as much grief as it gave Harry and his pals in Chamber of Secrets.

It also has a 'magnet housed in the front and back cover, so you can attach the lamp to metal surfaces', according to the Argos website.

It's fully rechargeable and will set you back just £30, and can be ordered online and collected in stores.

It'll make the perfect Christmas gift for any Harry Potter fans in your life.

Or, you know, yourself.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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