We asked five nutritionists to tell us what they eat for breakfast

From porridge to protein pancakes, pick up some healthy breakfast ideas from five professional nutritionists

Looking for some healthy breakfast ideas? If you’re the sort of person who absolutely has to eat first thing (though we’d suggest you visit this piece on skipping breakfast if you’re not) and you’re feeling a little uninspired by your current morning menu, we asked five nutritionists how they like to start their day.

Spoiler alert: no fry-ups.



Maria Mekhael
Breakfast: ‘I love a breakfast I can prepare the night before. I often make “overnight oats” by layering oats, unsweetened Greek yogurt, mixed berries, some flaked almonds and a sprinkling of sunflower seeds in a bowl like a parfait and then leaving it in the fridge overnight so the oats absorb the yogurt.’
Why: ‘The yogurt provides protein and probiotics, the oats give a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates and fibre, plus you have some antioxidants from the berries and a sprinkle of essential fats thanks to the nuts and seeds. Making sure you eat some protein, fat and fibre with your carbohydrates helps balance blood sugar and regulate your insulin levels, preventing a mid-morning energy crash.’ Thediettherapist.com

Healthy breakfast ideas from Clean Eating Alice

Alice Liveing
Breakfast: ‘Eggs on rye bread with greens, such as spinach or courgette, on the side.’
Why: ‘Eggs are a rich source of protein and essential nutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, selenium and choline, while rye bread is great for slow-release energy, as well as having a high fibre content. The added greens make sure I’m getting a hit of micronutrients to start the day.’

Healthy breakfast ideas from amanda hamilton

Amanda Hamilton
Breakfast: ‘A smoothie made with baby spinach, almond milk, a chunk of banana, some kind of boost from powdered greens and a drizzle of maple syrup.’
Why: ‘I love the kick that comes from the green veggies, while bananas are a great probiotic to help nourish the gut. If I get hungry around 11am, I’ll have slow-release oatcakes with a protein topping such as nut butter.’


Sandra Greenbank
Breakfast: ‘Add to your healthy breakfast ideas with protein pancakes made with bananas, eggs and coconut flour, topped with blueberries and Greek yogurt.’
Why: ‘I like to make sure my breakfast is high in fats and protein, but low in carbohydrates.’


Dr Michelle Braude
Breakfast: ‘A hearty bowl of porridge with fresh or frozen blueberries, a dollop of peanut butter, a sprinkling of cinnamon and a drizzle of agave syrup for sweetness.’
Why: ‘This combination is bursting with nutrients and provides a balance of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats, as well as plenty of vitamins and minerals.’

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