New tomato won’t make sandwich soggy

Fed up of soggy tomato sandwiches? The world's first non-leaking tomato has arrived

Tesco says it has discovered the world’s first tomato that won’t make a sandwich soggy, and it will be on the shelves later this week.

The non-leak tomato comes from Holland and is the result of a seed-breeding programme stretching back to 1986. The breakthrough, according to the Daily Mail, came last year.

The growers used natural breeding methods to produce a tomato that holds its shape when sliced or baked.

Tests show that with a standard tomato sandwich, 8% of the tomato’s weight is lost when it is sliced and within an hour, a further 12% of water has seeped into the bread.

With the new non-leak variety, less than 1% of moisture is lost when it is sliced, and it takes a further 12 hours for an additional 3% to soak into bread.

The tomatoes will cost 99p for four.


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