14 Tips From Celebrity Trainers To Help You Look Amazing In Your Party Dress

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  • The party season is only a few weeks away, so we've spoken to top celebrity personal trainers to find out what you need to be doing to get in the best shape ever for your LBD.

    1. ‘Avoid alcohol like the plague,’ says Bodyism founder James Duigan, who works with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Elle Macpherson. ‘It is honestly your worst enemy if you want to look great in your party dress. Not only will it make you feel sluggish and bloated, but it will also reduce your body’s ability to burn fat.’

    2. ‘Try to eat five healthy meals a day, two of which should be smaller snacks,’ says James Duigan. ‘Healthy snacking ensures you don’t overeat at your main meals and will also help speed up your metabolism. Choose raw nuts, turkey slices, berries and sliced vegetables, and avoid sugar-packed treats.’
    3. ‘Our bodies are designed to move, so move every day,’ says James Duigan. ‘It doesn’t have to be strenuous but look to get some variety into your week: a yoga class one day, a brisk walk the next.’

    4. ‘Before lunch, find a private place and do 20 to 40 squats, as this will fire up your metabolism before you eat,’ says James Duigan. 
    5. ‘If you want to see serious results in a matter of weeks, try breaking your daily exercise routine into three 10-minute daily sessions — morning, mid-day and evening,’ says James Duigan. ‘Each session must consist of intensive exercises that work all the key muscles in the body. Great exercises to incorporate include lunges, squats and push-ups.’
    6. ‘To get into your LBD in time for the party season, you need to incorporate three factors into your lifestyle: cardio, toning, and a healthier diet plus increased water intake,’ says personal trainer Hayley Newton, who works with Pixie Lott and Katherine Jenkins
    7. ‘Using a mat to reduce pressure on your joints, start by kneeling on all fours. Keeping your right leg slightly bent, raise it up behind your back, straightening your leg as you lift. Return to the starting position and do 20 reps on each leg,’ says Hayley Newton. ‘Try this exercise to work your deepest bum and thigh muscles, creating lift and firmness without adding bulk.’
    8. ‘To tone your arms, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, with your right arm bent to cover your forehead, and your left arm bent to cover your chin, palms facing away from your face,’ says Hayley Newton. ‘Then extend your arms out to the sides and swing your hands behind you, clapping them together. Bring your arms back to the starting position, and do 20 reps with the right hand on top, followed by 20 with the left on top.’
    9. ‘To work your stomach, stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Pull your shoulders back and, keeping your hips completely still, shift your ribcage from the left to the right,’ says Hayley Newton. ‘Do 20 reps, followed by 20 where you move your ribcage from right to left.’
    10. ‘Anything that gets your heart pumping is key,’ says Hayley Newton. ‘Skipping and star jumps are amazing. They work your whole body, and combine cardio with toning. Try doing them for 15 minutes a day.’
    11. ‘To get a bum like Pixie’s, get on all fours, with your shoulders over your hands and your hips directly over your knees,’ says Hayley Newton. ‘While constantly pulling your belly button in towards your spine, lift one leg at a right angle up sideways to 90 degrees. Do 30 reps and then switch to the other leg.’
    12. ‘Eat lots of greens,’ says Reebok Sports Club personal trainer Carli Gloss, who works with Melanie Sykes. ‘Focus on broccoli, green beans, asparagus and spinach. Try adding fresh lemon and lime to your water, and avoid foods that are known to cause bloating. Many people bloat when they eat wheat or gluten so have a food intolerance test now, as banishing these foods could be the key to a flatter stomach in time for the party season.’
    13. ‘You must perform some high-intensity cardio to see results,’ says Carli Gloss. ‘Attend a cycle, spin or boxing class, or jog outside or on the treadmill. You should finish out of breath. A great workout is to sprint for 60 seconds, recover for 60 to 120 seconds and then repeat this sequence 12 times.’
    14. ‘If you are wearing a short dress, do 100 squats and always take the stairs, every day before a big event,’ says Carli Gloss. ‘This will increase blood flow to the legs, and give shape and tone.’ 

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