Create amazing fashion shots every time with the help of this nifty little camera.

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    When it comes to learning and developing your skills nothing quite beats hands-on experience and a healthy dose of trial and error. So with that in mind, we teamed up with Fujifilm to host a fashion photography workshop to enable everyone to create amazing perfect Insta-ready images and fashion shots every time, powered by the new Fujifilm X-T100 camera (RRP £549).

    We assembled a team of experts, as well as eight keen photographers and spent the day road testing the X-T100, from discovering the ins and outs of flat-lays, getting a first hand insight into shooting a fashion shoot, plus learning how to nail those edgy street-style shots.

    With everyone usually reaching for their phone to take images, it’s easy to forget about the art of photography and using an actual camera. That’s what makes the FUJIFILM X-T100 so special, not only is it super easy on the eye, featuring classic retro styling and is lightweight to boot, it also features a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor which basically means you can achieve the amazing photo that Fujifilm is renowned for – think super-sharp with incredible detail.

    After a quick Photography 101 where we learnt about aperture, composition and lighting led by Jamie Stoker, who has covered fashion weeks for the likes of Burberry and Dior, it was on to start the three segments of the day and for everyone to finally get their hands on the goods and test out the camera.

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    Stil life

    It takes a keen eye to master still life photography – just because you’re snapping an inanimate object, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. It takes a keen eye for detail, a steady hand and a sharp focus to take flat lays that are going to stand out. We challenged our photographers to work between three ‘live’ flat lay sets, which they could modify using different light set ups and props to get their ultimate professional set up.

    What makes a static image come to life on Instagram? The device you use. Yes, you can get amazing shots with a smart phone, but nothing can beat the precision of an actual IRL camera. The Fuijifilm X-T100 has a high res electronic viewfinder and intuitive swivelling touchscreen which takes the guess workout of getting the perfect frame. Yes, this camera has your back.

    Model shots

    There’s nothing like being on set with a full team of creatives; from photographer to hair and makeup artist to stylist and model, when everyone comes together it really can be something special. With the help of the camera’s built in advanced hybrid autofocus system and speedy 6frames per seconds shooting mode, no moment was missed and everyone was able to capture the perfect shot. The lightweight and nifty camera really is easy to use and the built-in flash works well in this setting but should you need to add an external flash, handily there’s a hot-shoe connection.

    Street Style

    Street style imagery is one of the most popular types of content you’ll see on Instagram. You get more candid shots than a studio set up, and they’re often more fluid and let’s face it, more fun. We were all excited to get out on the streets of Shoreditch, London’s (unofficial) street style capital and put our amazing model Alex to work. This is where the camera came into its own. For a start, it’s light and compact. If you’re opting for a simple pancake lens, you can easily slip this camera in a jacket pocket or bag, so no excuses for not having your camera on you at all times.

    We shot in multiple locations – from contemporary graffiti-lined streets to shooting outside 18th century-fronted shops – which resulted in a lot of images. The ‘always on’ Bluetooth function was a lifesaver – using the camera’s in-built WIFI connection, we could easily connect to our smart phones to instantly transfer the images, upload them and share on Instagram, which is basically the dream.

    Scroll through for a look at some of the shots taken on the day. If this sounds like the perfect day out stay tuned because we will be hosting another workshop in the coming months.

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