Top 10 chocolate advent calendars you *need* to buy right now

 The days are getting shorter, the nights, a little darker. There’s hot chocolate on tap and Micheal Bublé is back. All this means one thing... the most wonderful time of year is upon us, Christmas

Words by Claire McCrory

Chocolate advent calendars remain the most exciting reminder that the festive period has begun. They quite literally count down the days until you are showered with gifts and it’s socially acceptable to fall into a food coma in front of a cozy fire after eating one too many pigs in blankets ( I can smell the bacon already *drool*)

Whether you’re waiting for mum to buy your favourite (because let’s face it, we’re all just big kids at Christmas), or if you’re on the look out for one to hang up in your own home, this list of chocolate advent calendars is your one-stop, chocolate shop for Christmas 2019, guaranteed to get you in your loved ones good books.

With everything from classic Cadbury’s to the more sophisticated Hotel Chocolat and Green and Blacks, we’ve catered for all tastes, so you’re bound to find at least one that leaves your mouth watering, giving you no choice but to run out and buy it. And if chocolate doesn’t satisfy your cravings, why not grab a Percy Pig advent calendar or check out our competition for a chance to win a beauty advent calendar, which you can enter every Wednesday until December.

And why buy only one advent calendar when you could start the count down from today and buy two? Or three…in fact, why don’t you just buy all ten!? Go on, treat yourself. It is nearly Christmas after all..

1) Green & Blacks organic 

Chocolate advent calendars

Green and Blacks

Dark 70%, Milk with Butterscotch, Dark with Ginger, milk and Dark 80%, this classy calendar will be a real crowd pleaser amongst parents and grandparents who enjoy a square of the dark stuff after reading that dark chocolate is in fact ‘good’ for you. This is an affordable treat for the chocolate connoisseur in the family.

How much is it? £12.99

When is it available? NOW

2) Thorntons continental

Thorntons Chocolate

Indulgent is the only way to describe this £20 treat. Inspired by the tastes of Europe, there are 12 different chocolate flavours to surprise you with. Ranging from Apricot Danish to Espresso and Vanilla Truffle. It may be more of an investment as far as advent calendars go, but we reckon it’s definitely worth it.

How much is it? £20

When is it available? NOW

3) Cadburys Dairy Milk 

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Hello again old friend, the cult classic that everyone loves. You just can’t go wrong with a Dairy Milk, and this 3D calendar comes complete with a sticker pack to bring out your inner child.

How much is it? £10

When is it available? NOW

4) Free from Kitchen Company

Free From Kitchen

This one is perfect for those of us who avoid dairy –  whether it be by choice or due to allergies. No need to worry about missing out on the classic Christmas advent tradition, at only £2.50 there’s no excuse to be a Scrooge!

How much is it? £2.50

When is it available?  It is not currently available on the Tesco website- but check in-store!



There is something wonderfully luxurious about Lindt, and the cute teddy bear design of this year’s calendar makes it all the more tempting.

 How much is it? £15

When is it available? NOW: exclusively at Lindt, Debenhams and Selfridges

6) Lindt Lindor

Lindt Lindor

This may be the second Lindt calendar on the list, but, after all, they are everyone’s favourite Swiss export – besides ABBA of course. The Lindor chocolate truffles completely melt in your mouth, and they’re the perfect bite-size treat to satisfy a craving but do leave you wanting more. Now, imagine the will power it will take not to devour this calendar filled exclusively with these truffles in one sitting?!

How much is it? £10

When is it available? NOW at Lindt and Tesco

7) After Eight

After Eight

This wildly impressive 3D calendar captures Big Ben in all its glory- minus the scaffolding we have now grown accustomed to. With Dark, Milk and white chocolate mints, this calendar is best enjoyed, you guessed it … after eight o’clock.

How much is it? £10

When is it available? NOW at Tesco

8) Ferrero collection

Ferrero Rocher

Who remembers that Britans Got Talent audition when one hopeful attempted to set a world record for eating Ferrero Rocher’s in a minute, only to be beaten by Ant backstage. Just me? Well, in either instance, I don’t recommend trying to eat this advent calendar in 60 seconds.

How much is it? £14

When is it available? NOW at Tesco

9) Malteaser


You might feel bad for biting the head off a chocolate reindeer, but we certainly don’t.

How much is it? £2

When is it available? Now at Tesco

10.) Hotel Chocolat, the Grand Advent

Hotel Chocolat

This calendar, quite simply put, is…spectacular. This box of goodies has something for everyone, mini chocolate slabs, hot chocolate, tea and even gin! At £68, this might be best shared…but be warned, things might get ugly if there’s a race for the chocolate vodka!

How much is it? £68

When is it available? NOW: but hurry as it’s selling out fast, in store and online

Well, what are you waiting for? Go out and grab ’em before they’re gone!

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