These are the biggest takeaway trends of 2019 according to Deliveroo

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  • Anybody for a cup of fermented tea?

    Although we’re always partial to a KFC or sneaky Domino’s, ever since Deliveroo launched in the UK they’ve basically proved it’s possible to get a restaurant-quality takeaway and changed the game. (And our poor bank accounts.) This year, we’ve tried basically every Vietnamese restaurant with ordering distance and hunkered down with some Mexican cuisine in our pyjamas but according to Deliveroo, we could be singing a very different tune next year. The delivery platform revealed what the top five food trends of 2019 to are going to be and well, it’s good news for vegetarians.

    They’ve anticipated that next year, people are going to take a major interest in ‘healthy frozen savouries’ so you could find yourself picking up some avocado ice cream at the supermarket. They claimed that 2019 heralds ‘the international adoption of savoury and healthy ice creams’ and ‘vegan and veggie variations of ice cream are certainly expected’.

    2019 food trends


    Biltong and crisps are going to take more of a backseat in 2019 as one kind of divisive form of cuisine is on the rise, as they believe ‘sea snacks’ are going to become popular. In fact, there’s already been a big jump in interest as Deliveroo said, ‘With an already abundant and rich marine life, Deliveroo has already seen an increase of 59 percent in seafood orders across the platform.’

    Even if you know some ride or die meat eaters, Deliveroo’s also predicted that there’s a new eating trend that’s going to change things: something called ‘flexitarianism’. They explained, ‘We have witnessed veganism explode in Ireland, with Deliveroo restaurant partners increasing their vegan-friendly options by a staggering 100 percent and a 73 percnet increase of vegan orders on the platform in 2018.’

    “As the lifestyle gathers more speed in the new year, Deliveroo predicts an increase in Flexitarianism,’ they continued, ‘where customers will dip in and out of meat dishes in favour of #MeatlessMonday and #GreenSunday.’

    2019 food trends


    As the world grows more eco-conscious, so will the food trade next year. Deliveroo’s predicted that their merchants are going to ‘introduce innovative ways to reduce daily waste, by using the likes of root vegetable leaves to make tasty and flavoursome pestos to accompany dishes’.

    And finally, the boom of fermented food and drink over in California is apparently going to make a splash in the UK. Deliveroo particularly honed in on kombucha, a fermented tea, saying, ‘Hailed as a miracle drink, it packs a probiotic punch for gut health. Seeing as Ireland’s unofficial national drink is tea, this fermented version is sure to be a key 2019 healthy hit.’

    So, what do you think? We personally aren’t super into the idea of swapping out a cheesy pasta for mouldy tea TBH, but to each their own.

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