How knowing about the 'bin end' list at restaurants will change your life

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We're listening

If you haven't already noticed. We're fairly neutral to a good glass of wine here at Marie Claire HQ.

In fact, we've already looking into whether wine is good for you - and we've concluded that, in moderation, yes it can. Wine can even stop you from having a stroke and a glass before bed might just help you lose weight.

Look, we don't make the rules, we simply rejoice them. Obviously, this is all in moderation and done safely and sensibly but heck, there's even organic wine which is surely good for you!?

Anyway, we already know that wine doesn't have to be expensive to be good (just look at this bottle of rosé from Aldi) and now outspoken chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed how we can get the cheapest bottle of wine in a restaurant.

Guess what? It's not about ordering the house wine.

It's actually about asking the waiter for the 'bin end' list.

Yes, you heard that right. Said list includes bottles that have scratched labels or vintage bottles that are about to be discontinued.

The list also includes bottles that aren't proving popular on the menu - but none of this means they're not drinkable and delicious, they're simply not as menu-appropriate.

Delphine Chui