Looking for a unique baby name? These mythological monikers are pretty magical

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Mythological baby names
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Parents-to-be are often scrolling baby names lists to find the perfect moniker for their little one. Whether they want to take inspiration from their favourite films and TV shows, or are interested in the luckiest baby names, they've got one thing in common - they're on the hunt for something unique. 

So if you find yourself falling into the same category, it's worth taking a look at these epic mythology-inspired baby names to see if any of the gods, goddesses and heroes from popular myths and legends are the perfect fit for your tiny bundle of joy. 

Research by online toy retailer Play Like Mum has found that there's definitely interest in the names from these classic stories, and by collecting a list of over 2,000 mythical characters they have compared it to official baby name data to find out which ones parents are most drawn to. 

Mythology can be a wonderful source of inspiration for expecting parents, as it can be reflective of heritage as well as embody connotations of personal interests and values - from sporting hobbies, to morals of integrity. 

In the UK, these legendary baby names come from a variety of places. The top ten monikers have roots in Celtic, Greek, Hindu and Norse mythology.

So which mythological baby names are most popular here? Let's take a look...

While Greek and Norse influences are evident on both the boys and girls lists, there are some key differences between the two. 

For boys, there are far more Celtic inspired baby names, with Hindu and Germanic monikers also appearing in the top ten. 

For girls, there are also Roman and Slavic influences - but it seems that Greek mythology is undoubtedly ruling the roost!

Here are the most popular mythological baby names for boys and girls in the UK. 

Most popular mythological girls names

  1. Maia - origin: Greek
  2. Athena - origin: Greek
  3. Freyja - origin: Norse/Germanic
  4. Rhea - origin: Greek
  5. Juno - origin: Roman
  6. Phoenix - origin: Greek
  7. Mara - origin: Slavic
  8. Thalia - origin: Greek
  9. Theia - origin: Greek
  10. Persephone - origin: Greek

Most popular mythological boys names

  1. Tristan - origin: Arthurian/Celtic
  2. Phoenix - origin: Greek
  3. Hector - origin: Arthurian/Greek
  4. Cian - origin: Celtic
  5. Troy - origin: Greek
  6. Hari - origin: Hindu
  7. Loki - origin: Norse/Germanic
  8. Orion - origin: Greek
  9. Odin - origin: Norse/Germanic
  10. Atlas - origin: Greek

Would you take inspiration from these mythological baby names? 

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