The best celebrity logo-top tributes

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  • The stars turn fan girls and boys as they pay homage to their heroes in t-shirts that expose their own hero worship

    We worship them, but who are our favourite celebs fans of? Luckily, the stars are happy to unleash their inner fan girl (and boy) with sartorial tributes to their heroes.

    As ever, Rihanna took the burgeoning trend into a whole new style stratosphere when she paid fashion homage to the late Princess of Wales in a retro t-shirt emblazoned with a giant picture of Diana. The Princess, who was famous for her shoulder-padded dresses and rigid bouffant hair, may be an unlikely icon for the singer, but Rihanna has spoken in the past about her admiration for the 80s style icon, revealing that she “loved everything she wore”.

    In complete contrast, in the same week, Rihanna was seen wearing an R Kelly t-shirt. Perhaps Rihanna was quietly letting us know that Kelly’s ‘I Believe I Can Fly?’ is a karaoke favourite with her?

    Rihanna isn’t the first celeb to wear their hero on their chest. This trend for stars wearing t-shirts and sweatshirts emblazed with their idol’s face or name has been brewing for a while. We reached peak celeb meta t-shirt love when Macaulay Culkin wore a t-shirt of a picture of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of featuring the Home Alone star on the cover of Life. Keeping up? Can we expect Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt featuring a picture of Macaulay wearing a t-shirt with – aarrgggh.

    We’d need a whole other gallery to get into Gigi Hadid’s beau-heroing tees for her ex, Joe Jonas, and current squeeze, Zayn Malik. It’s a similar case for Tom Hiddleston and his ‘I Heart T.S.’ tank top.

    Slush aside, paying a sartoiral hommage to our heroes is a look we can get behind. So dig out that One Direction t-shirt you have at the bottom of your drawer and join in the fangirling.




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